July 11, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting

One of the good things about living on an island is that, no matter where you drive, you will eventually find water.

I thought about that while I drove south toward Coupeville today. Caleb and I were on a nap run. He'd had lunch and a diaper change and very little sleep last night. I drove. He chewed on his bear. I played music. He started to doze.

I smiled real big and thanked God in heaven. Turned the car around. Headed back home. The scenery on this island is incredible. Forests run alongside the road. Occasional meadows appear with cattle or horses happily living life in the slow lane. The ocean is never far away. Now and then the road will run down to the coast and chat with the water for a while before dancing back up into the trees. In the distance, the snow-covered Cascades march around like an army mustering for battle. This island is surrounded by beauty. God's handiwork. As I drive, I find myself worshipping the Lord of this creation, who planned and created it all.

Now, over an hour later, Caleb sleeps soundly in Auntie Helen's room. Auntie Helen is in Seattle this weekend, so I've appropriated her room and made it a temporary nursery. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right? ;)

Adaptation is the name of the game these days. With 8 people living in a three bedroom house and a pop-up trailer, it has to be. It's eat or be eaten around here. Er, I mean, there's too many chefs in the kitchen. Um, no, that's not right. The biggest bird gets the worm? Wait. I've got it!

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." ~ Pro. 15:1

In a house this full, elbows and egos bump often. Expectations go unwittingly unmet, and our laundry often mixes with Grandma's. With a house this full, such things should be expected. And my prayer these days is that I may be gracious and tender, helping where I can with a servant's heart. Wow, that sounds so good when I type it out; wish I were already like that!

The truth is, we are adapting. Even Caleb, who is now at my side night and day because he feels the safest when he's with me. Caleb, who for the first time in his little life, co-sleeps with me and Jason at night. Caleb, who generates more laundry now than ever before. Because of the dirt. And the grass. And the dogs. Ahem.

Adaptation. We're learning.

And not all of it's hard. I've adapted nicely to a backyard and a washer and dryer in the same house! I'm quite spoiled now. I do laundry constantly, both to help out and just for the sheer joy of the convenience . . . yeah, like ya'll are gonna believe that! (Well, Ashleigh might . . . lol). I also cooked for 11 people last night. A first for me!

(Well, ok, if you must know, my MIL had a frozen lasagna in the freezer, I bought pre-made garlic toast at the Commisary, and the only thing I truly made from scratch was the salad . . . which was bagged. I just chopped veggies to add to it. But those 11 people? They ate it! All of it. And everyone was happy and full and lived happily ever after. )

Who are those 11 people? Well, that's another story for another day. Seems family likes to just "drop by whenever" up here. You know, for the weekend. Or the week. I had no idea Jason's extended family was so . . . extended. ;) Or that so many of them lived in WA. But I know now.


(That's the last time I'll say it, I promise).

Now for confessions: Jason does not have a job yet, but the bank he interviewed with on Tuesday? They called back yesterday for his references!!! We are all praying so hard he gets this job (if the Lord wills). As much as we love the Neuhauser clan, we're ready to have our own place. Those of you who have moved out of your parents' house or have your own families, you will understand this.

Confession #2: I do not have pictures to share with you today. But I do have Kleenex. Oh, please don't cry! The Neuhauser Cast of Characters is delayed, but not forgotten. Cross my heart. I need a picture of Grandma when she gets back from Seattle (she went with Helen this weekend). Also, I need a pic of Michael.

Now with those confessions off my chest, I think I'll end this ridiculously long and pointless post. I've had way too much alone time with the computer today. :)

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LeAnna said...

I'm praying for you girl, praying praying! Loved your e-mail today. It was so funny, I got up this mornin' to check my e-mail and you were on my heart. I was thinking about how I hadn't seen much of ya on facebook, or heard much from you, hoped you had a good birthday, etc etc. Then, a few hours later you sent me an e-mail and all was well with the Inkwell Fan Club Universe. ;) I'll write you back soon.