January 28, 2009

A Quickie Post

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments, emails, and phone calls over the last few days. I've really appreciated them. So has my mom. We are planning a small family service Sunday for Grandma and my mom and I are working on a remembrance book at Shutterfly, too.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I've been extremely busy. We've been dealing with toddler nap wars over the last three weeks, and the days my son doesn't sleep tend to be long, exhausting ones. Add to that the fact that we are *finally* getting Caleb in for speech assessments and therapy (yeah, he's still not talking...) and the schedule begins to fill up.

Today my Grandpa Rex is coming to visit from Georgia along with my Aunt; we are really excited to see him! Caleb was 5 months old the last time he was out here in Cali. (and my Aunt, who lives in Lake Elsinor, has never met him!) So that will be fun. =)

But basically, life is crazy. So I'm asking ya'll for a little grace and patience if I don't return your phone calls/emails/tells in WoW immediately. I love you all and I promise I will not drop off the face of the Earth. I just need some time.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this verse that has been seeing me through these past few weeks:

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate is the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires."
II Peter 1:3-4

January 25, 2009


Hey friends. I know it's been a while since I've posted. Several good reasons exist for this; unfortunately, the post I had planned to write explaining them all will have to wait because of something that happened yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon, my grandma passed away.
Most of you know that she broke her hip right before the new year. Well, there were complications. We weren't really surprised, but that doesn't mean we aren't grieving.
She knew Jesus, though, as her Lord and Savior. Which is a reason to celebrate; or at the very least, it's a reason to have hope. Mom, Harry, and I were with her when she died. We all had a chance to say our good-byes, even though she couldn't respond. We prayed with her and over her, and Mom sang hymns. That seemed silly at the time, but maybe when I'm old and on my deathbed I'll feel differently. I think I feel differently now.
While the reality that she's gone has not fully sunk in yet, I have an overwhelming sense of peace that can only come from Him. I have cried my tears, and may cry more in the days ahead. But I know my Lord and He is good. And He is with us. And strangely, I'm comforted by that. Grandma's gone, but it's ok. Lord willing, we will see her again one day.

Grandma's birthday 2006

The day I graduated from PLNU

Mom and Grandma enjoing one of our favoritist spots here in San Diego county

The three of us on Mom's wedding day

The day Caleb was born
Caleb's first Christmas (2008)
Us at Corvettes for Harry's birthday (2008)

We love you, Grandma. We will miss you tremendously. Enjoy heaven; can't wait to be there with you someday!

January 13, 2009

For Two Ladies Dear to My Heart

Today, friends, I'm asking ya'll for prayers for this lady here:

(uh, the one on the left).

This is my Grandma. She was born in 1921. Isn't that crazy?! She's seen so much of the 20th century; the radio, the television, the automobile, the computer. She even participated in WWII in the Coast Guard.

And she needs your prayers. Grandma fell the night before New Years Eve and broke her hip.

She was in the hospital, had surgery, and is now in a rehab/recovery place. She's doing ok... she wants to go home, though. And the problem is, she can't because she can't walk yet. The doctors aren't sure if she will heal sufficiently to go home and be able to take care of herself.

So please keep her in your prayers; pray that Jesus will keep her spirits up.

Also, please be praying for this lady:

This is my Mom (taken when Caleb was about 3 months old)

With my Grandma needing lots of medical attention and care, my mother is up to her earlobes in MediCal, MediCare, and Veteran benefits paperwork. She is trying to find a more permanent place for Grandma to stay, but one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. either. She kinda likes her arms and legs right where they are.

My Mom lost her dad (my Grandpa) last April. She also works full time and doesn't have a ton of sick/vaca days with which to deal with all the medical and financial issues now raining down. So if you could say a prayer for her, too, I'd love you eternally. Well, you know what I mean. ;) My poor mama's dealing with a lot right now, and I can see the strain on her face and hear it in her voice every time we talk.

Thanks so much, friends. I aper-shee-ate it.

January 11, 2009

Silly Thoughts With Nicole

*Inspired by Silly Songs with Larry*

Have you ever noticed how entertaining an advertisement can be? Here's what my shampuu bottle has to say about it's product:

"Greasy roots? Frazzled ends? Bad credit? No problem! Just use this!"

I wonder if Aussie has ever been sued for false advertising . . .

This has been Silly Thoughts With Nicole. Tune in next week to hear Nicole say:

"Huh? The back of the bottle says 'Rinse well and prosper.' Whaddya know? It's a Vulcan shampuu!"

January 7, 2009

Today Was a Good Day to Be Mommy

On days like today, I remember why I love being a Mom so much. ;)

(Hey, if I want to write a rebuttle to my own post, that's my business, alright?)

After a long conversation with Jason last night, and two other long conversations with the Lord (last night and this morning), I ushered Caleb from his bedroom today ready for anything.

Common kid, give me your best shot! I can take it, I'm ready!

We started our day with a trip to the lake.

Because, as Jason pointed out to me last night, Caleb does better when he's had a chance to run around. Well today, he certainly did. We hiked around the small end of the lake, saying hello to the dogs and owners who jogged past us. Then we settled down away from the trail and Caleb began the very serious business of throwing every rock he could find into the lake. Daddy taught him this over Christmas break; it's his new favorite hobby. Every rock must be found; every rock must go in. This is the law upon which the universe is founded, and Caleb was doing his part.

I thought to myself Surely, he'll get bored in about ten minutes. His attention span doesn't last that long, not even with marbles and playdough.

So I sat down and waited for the boredom to come. I started to toss rocks in the lake with my son. He grinned and laughed every time he heard the "plop!" and saw the ripples. The morning was gorgeous. Sunny, blue skies, about 70 degrees out. The birds sang. Literally!

And you know what? I started to enjoy myself.

And I started thinking... who really cares if my desk doesn't get cleared off today? Who's really gonna notice if my kitchen floor isn't mopped? What's really more important here? That I get cleaning done (which will just have to be done again in a day or a week)? Or that I put my son and his needs first?

45 minutes later found us heading back up the trail toward the car. I had a really hard time pursuading Caleb that we couldn't just stay at the lake all day long. In fact, I had to half carry, half drag my son away from the lake and his beloved rocks.

But Mom! I'm sure he was thinking. I haven't put all the rocks in the water! I can't leave yet! The order of the cosmos must be balanced! You're putting us all in danger with your silly ideas about having to go home for lunch. I can eat dirt!

But home we went. I can be very persuasive.

And you know what? He slept today. He napped. For two hours. Saints be praised! I said in my best Irish accent. The boy sleeps!

Oh, and this is my favorite part. After nap time? We made chocolate chip cookies together. =) He helped. He really did! He cracked the egg, dumped the sugars in, stirred with the wooden spoon, sampled the dough (taste checker is a VERY important job, after all). My mommy heart was all 'a flutter.

I still can't believe he's helping me cook. And he likes it! He really really likes it! If he can't help, he wants to watch. And I do my best to explain everything to him.

*Sniff sniff* My baby's growin' up!

Here are the results of our joint venture:

Mmmmmmm, and boy they taste even better than they look! Maybe I'll take some to class with me tonight. Mabye. If they're not all gone by then. AHEM.

All this is to say, we had a pretty perfect day today. And, as I pointed out last night, those difficult times DO come, but they also DO pass. Then they fade. What you'll remember most years from now are the days like today.

I wouldn't trade this for the world, bad times and good.

January 6, 2009

Toddler For Sale

On days like today, I wonder why I ever wanted to be a parent.

Ooo, I know I just got on somebody's "bad mothers" list, but I'm all about being honest here. And honestly? How the heck do mothers of two year olds survive?

How do children survive the toddler years?

Willing to buy that secret. Yes I am.

No naps. Not yesterday and not today either. We're just gonna party alllllll day long. And push screens out of windows. And pull craft boxes out of closets. And spill juice (on purpose) all over the table. And stuff toys inside the diaper pail.

"Now Nicole," my rational, logical side says. "He's not always like this. You really do love being a mom. Remember? Remember how he smiles and laughs and helped you make dinner last night?"

Yeah. I remember. A distant memory far, far away. Growing dimmer by the minute.

It's just been one of those days. One of those days. I instant messaged a friend earlier and said "Know anyone who wants to buy a two year old? I got one for sale!"

I was only half joking.

But walks are wonderful things. And we took a looooooong one this afternoon. After which I felt much more sane and more like a mommy should feel toward her offspring. And he's still alive, which must count for something.

Let me warn all you people out there who have ambitions to be parents: you aren't always going to love it. I thought I would. Ha. I know myself better now.

But those moments when you don't love it? They pass. Thank the Lord Almighty, they pass.

Otherwise, I think the human race would have died out long ago.

January 2, 2009

For the Sake of the Elect

I was reminded tonight that the only sure thing in this life is Jesus.

I won't bother with the details; they aren't mine to tell. But I will tell you, I got a good glaring reminder of how uncertain everything is, except for Jesus, our Rock. If our faith or hope or confidence is placed anywhere else, in a spouse or a job or ourselves, we are on slippery ground indeed.

This will sound unspiritual, but I'm reminded of a quote from "The Princess Bride" :

"Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says different is selling something." --Wesley

True words. Life is pain. Or, to quote another favorite movie:

"But there's one thing I know and I know it for sure,
This disease that we've got has got no ready cure
And I'm certain life is terribly hard."
-- Jekyll and Hyde The Musical

Except whenever I sing that song, I change the words slightly:

"This disease that we've got has got only One Cure."

Because it's true. Without Jesus, life is hard. Life is pain. Life has no cure. But with Him . . . life is worth the living, worth the struggle, worth the pain.

Thank God it doesn't last forever. Thank God we have hope.

One other verse comes to mind tonight:

"Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many . . . At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other . . . For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now - and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened."
Matt. 24:4-22

Help us stand firm, Lord Jesus. And come quickly. Come quickly, Lord.