November 5, 2009

El Proyecto Numero Dos

Wow, I haven't attempted anything in Spanish in a long while . . . but don't worry, this post will be in English. Mostly. :)

The wind kicked up last night big time and carried on throughout today without letting up. No rain, just wind. Wind and clouds scurrying across the sky like they had somewhere to be.

Perhaps they were late for a very important date.

Oh, I kid.

Anyway, on account of the weather, Caleb and I decided to work on little projects (los proyectos) around the house.

Ok, I decided. But he helped! Honest! Look:

This is a bucket of Caleb's toys. They came in from the backyard two days ago. They've lived outside all summer long, but since the weather's turning wet, I figured it was time to bring them in for the winter, lest the elements put them in an early grave.

Problem is, they brought some of the backyard in with them. I've been telling Caleb for two days that he couldn't play with them, because I didn't want the dirt all over the house. Well, today we figured we'd rescue 'em from the bucket and give 'em a bath.

Caleb got in the tub, too, just to make sure they got good and scrubbed. He's such a thorough little guy. ;)

Here are the clean ones, drying on a towel. Here, also, is a rare look at my bathroom.

But the biggie, the Proyecto Numero Dos mentioned earlier, is this:
The Storage Room
(Please don't run screaming.)

You know what's sad? I took this picture after spending 45 minutes cleaning, organizing, and unpacking. Not that you can tell.
The Storage Room is our Last Frontier. Since we moved in, it has served as our catch-all and surrogate garage. All the boxes still waiting to be unpacked, random junk that hasn't found a home yet, stuff that won't see the light of day for many moons, this room has it all. But . . .
. . . I would like to change that. Or at least to bring a little more calm to the chaos.
When I'm done, it will still be a storage room. But hopefully, we can also use it as a sitting room (maybe for morning devotions??), an extra guest room when we have extra guests (it's big enough to accomodate our queen-sized air mattress), and a craft room for Caleb to use for playdough, art projects, and drawing.
I'm not ambitious. Not at all. Why do you ask?
Hehehe. Ahem.
Since Proyecto Numero Uno is out of my hands at the moment (waiting on John to make final drawings/cut list/price estimate), the Storage Room is filling in as Numero Dos. Because obviously, I have so much free time on my hands.
It will be a fun room when it's all finished, and yes, I promise to take pictures along the way so you can see.
Well, the wind is still a howlin' and bedtime, it be a' comin' (at least for certain almost-three-year-olds). Night, y'all!


LeAnna said...

Well that looked productive! Don't you hate it when you see a mountain of mess, and you feel like you'll never organize it all. Ten hours later it still looks like a mountain, just not so messy...then all the sudden it's organized. That's how we felt this weekend setting up the garage sale.

Judith said...

I love the dinos in the bath! :)

Nicole said...

LeAnna, I totally know that feeling. And the satisfaction that comes when the project is finally finished. :)How went the garage sale?

Caleb loves his dinos, Judith. He also loves monsters (go figure). The Pixar movie "Monsters, Inc." is his favorite right now. :)