December 1, 2009

The Elves Are Busy in Santa's Workshop

Some of you may remember the Project? El Proyecto Numero Uno? Well, it's finally underway.

*does happy dance*

We started building it Sunday afternoon, after a family trip to Home Depot (and by family, I mean the entire Neuhauser clan!). And yes, I took pictures to share with y'all!

Michael, Jason, and John brainstorm ideas. I offered a few of my own, and then mostly took pictures while they yammered and hammered. :)

Rough sketch, looking from the back (against the wall) to the front. The rectangular object in the upper right hand corner is the slide. The plethora of verticle lines in the lower left corner represents a network of stairs leading up from underneath the platform to the top of it.

Michael drawing some ideas for those stairs (this sketch is not drawn to scale):

Something closer to what the finished product will look like. Rope railings, race car track next to the slide, and a rock climbing wall beside that.

Half of the basic platform, already built! It stands about five feet tall, so Caleb has room to grow.

This little boy is going to have one epic Christmas. :)
Because we hope to have the whole thing finished by then. Without him knowing. Our plan is to build it in pieces in John's garage, then to move and assemble it in our den Christmas Eve. When it's in place, we'll close off the downstairs entirely and wait for Christmas morning, when the whole family can be here to watch.
I get all smiley just thinking about it. :)
In other news, I read an excellent post today over at Hope Scribbles. If you haven't had the pleasure, please head on over and be blessed. Lady Felicity is a wonderful, insightful writer and her blog always brightens my day. Her post today was especially good, because it addresses a topic for Christian women that I fear is too often overlooked or ignored.
Speaking of ignored, my poor little blog feels a bit dejected these days. I haven't had much time for posts; indeed, I haven't had much time for anything. My livingroom is awash in Christmas decorations, Jason's car needs tires and brakes, and we have a jungle gym to build in just four weeks. Life is good, my friends, but lordy, life is full. :)
So if I'm a bit absent this month from Bloggie World, it's because I'm trying to put Christmas lights on my two-story house without breaking my neck, mmkay?

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LeAnna said...

Oh, his indoor park is gonna be great! Please don't break your neck putting up christmas lights! I like chatting with you, and that would be awful hard for you to do with your neck in a brace... ;)