March 26, 2010

Welcome to Our Shelves!

So I decided to join in all the bookshelf fun going on over at YLCF this week. Therefore it is my pleasure to introduce you to our books!

I say "our" books because my husband is every bit as much of a reader as I am. When we married, our books also joined together in the holy state of matrimony and became one rather large collection (sorta like the Brady Bunch). We dream of having our very own library/study one day with wall-to-wall shelves.

Until that day, though, we work with what we got. That means many of our books stay in storage because we simply do not have enough bookshelves to go around. And now if you will, Exhibit A:

Location: Livingroom

Uppermost shelf: bible study guides, various Christian topic books. C.S. Lewis. Hind's Feet on High Places, My Utmost for His Highest.
Next shelf down: our favorite fantasy collections, many Ted Dekker books.
Oh, and our phone.

Middlest shelf? Third one down?
Photo albums. Not books exactly, but deserving of their own shelf nonetheless.
Wedding album, college albums, childhood albums, honeymoon, vacations, etc.

Middling Shelf? Fourth down? (having math issues today, can you tell?)
More of our favorite fantasies. Guess what we read a lot of?
Lord of the Rings, Narnai, David B. Coe, and some random books, such as my Spanish-English dictionary and the Busy Book for Toddlers. Oh, and Artemis Fowl who SHOULDN'T be on this shelf at all. He's a library book.

Bottom shelf: This one belongs to Caleb. Who prefers his books strewn all over the floor.
It's true. No matter how many times I pick them up (or make him pick them up), they are back on the floor in a matter of minutes. That's not to say he doesn't love his books. He does. And he loves for us to read to him.

This is an old-piano-bench-turned-end-table. Location? Also the livingroom.
This is where the library books live.
(That's my bible lying on the floor. No, my bible is NOT a library book. But sometimes our books cross over. You know, to see how the other half lives. We don't mind our books mingling, as long as they get along and the library-owned ones don't get lost.)

See? Artemis Fowl was visiting Tolkien, but I've put him back in his place. Other books here include several different histories of Washington state and our island in particular. And a few Harry Potter books I'm re-reading just for fun. And a Jane Austen fan fiction that looked interesting. And . . . I think I'll stop. My eyes are bigger than my library card.

See these boxes? Full of books.

These, too. They have no home at the moment. As I said, we need more shelves.

Exhibit B. Bookshelf #2. Location: Den
The organizers hold old magazines, notebooks (of which I have many), and scrap-booking books.
Then there are my writing books, research books, Jane Austen collection, and assortment of non-fiction volumes. Oh, and a few Shakespeare (my favorite ones).
There are two more shelves below this one, but alas! those belong to Caleb as well.
They are currently empty. Actually, they're usually empty.
Because as I may or may not have mentioned, Caleb prefers his books (and toys and clothes) on the floor. Much as I may try to convince him otherwise, I know a losing battle when I see one.
Some day he'll appreciate full shelves and clean floors. I just know he will.
Anyway, that's my story (and my shelves!) and I'm stickin' to it!


LeAnna said...

You, m'friend have BOOKus of books (har har) - and I'm the same way with my library card. I always check out so many's crazy. I'm really bad about checking out cookbooks and them moaning and groaning because I have to HAND write the recipes down. Woe to the universe. ;)
All of my book shelves are countertop level and up (in the office) and they stay messy. Caleb and I, we're in this thing together. :P

Linds said...

You crack me up. :) I have 2 shelves in the closet with horse-themed books, another with Tamora Pierce, then some boxes in the sunroom with more books. On the shelf from Colorado, two shelves hold models and the bottom hold some Dekker, Harry Potter, Dee Henderson and a few others. Aren't books great??!? =D

ladyfelicity said...

I enjoyed this tour of your bookshelves so much - and because I always head for a bookshelf (with my eyes if nothing else!) as soon as I enter a room, I feel a little bit as if I've stopped by for a cup of tea!

Two this, especially, made me smile - the empty bottom shelf (and the books on the floor beside it!) and this:

"My eyes are bigger than my library card."

Being a big sister, the empty bottom shelf is a familiar sight! :) And your comment about your library card and your eyes made me laugh out loud! :)