April 15, 2011


Well. We're back. Back from our travels all around southern California and back home where we belong. :)

I apologize for my long absence; we were gone for a week, we've now been back for a week, and I only just finished unpacking yesterday. Part of me didn't want to empty the suitcase; as long as it sat in the livingroom, it somehow kept me connected to our trip. It smelled like my mom and step-dad's house, it smelled like them, and sniffing the still-packed clothes instantly propelled me back again.

But we have company coming over tomorrow night, and I couldn't leave my clothes in my sister-in-law's suitcase forever. She'll want it back eventually. So, quite sadly, the smell is gone. The clothes are put away, the toys are back in Caleb's room. After a week of laundry and catch up, life around here is pretty much back to normal.

I sure wish that vacation high would last a little longer. Ya know?

But normal life is pretty good, too. Not that I have it all together; we came home and picked up our challenges, questions, and doubts right where we left off. And yet I can say that life is good. God is good. The Lord taught me some things while I was in Cali. He is teaching me to trust, and let go, and wait patiently for Him to act.

Not my favoritist lessons in the world, but lemme tell ya, I'm a whole lot happier when I let Him lead. Go figure.

Anyway, pictures from California are forthcoming. We had a slight issue with my camera and its pixels, though. Apparently a whole line of them decided to go on vacation at the same time I did. Very inconvenient. As a result, many pictures have a miniscule line running through them where the vacationing pixels should have been.

I bet they went to Hawaii. That's where I'd vacation if I were a pixel.

Now that I've rambled on and on about everything and nothing, I will bid you all good-night, with a promise for a more cohesive, coherent post in the near future. You have my solomn word.

Happy Weekend, all!

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