December 29, 2011

While I was driving . . .

On a normal, average day, a trip from Seattle/Tacoma Airport to our home on Whidbey usually takes two and a half hours. Today it took us four.

Of course, we did make a side trip to the Northgate Mall. And a stop off at the Smokey Point rest area. And then the drive-through at Panda Express for dinner. And then there was all the traffic in between those stops.

Apparently, one should not expect to drive quickly on a major freeway during rush hour. I'd forgotten that.

Driving through the big city was fun until the sun went down. We listened to music, called Daddy to ask him what he wanted for dinner. Caleb told me stories about his green Red Robin ballon we'd got at lunch. We both agreed on how much we missed Grammy and Grandpa (already). Then the sun went down. Everything got dark. Nothing fun to look at except tail lights. Nothing to do except count down the exit signs between where you are and where you want to be. 48. 47. 46.

Somewhere around Stop #2, I was ready to be home. Turned on loud keep-me-awake music. Chanted to myself "Raviolis and a nap! Raviolis and a nap!" (Inside joke: if you are not familiar with the work of comedian John Pinette, look him up on YouTube or Netflix. You'll thank me later.)

Chanting got old after a while, so somewhere between Stop #3 and home, I wrote a musical. A Christian 80's musical. Complete with off-the-shoulder sweaters, tube socks, and funky hair. Featuring the music of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Brian Duncan, and other such big 80's singers. Oh yeah. You should have seen me blocking the choreography in the car. Running lines with Caleb. It's gonna be a big hit on Broadway, let me tell you. I can see the neon lights from here.


Ok, so it sounded like a good idea at the time. While I was driving. Bored. In the dark.

Where does your mind wander to when you're driving?

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Lilac Barries said...

my thoughts wander to many places, then I play a game with myself trying to track how I got to a particularly odd place