May 3, 2012

Return to Me

Somewhere between the hoe and the rake, I lost it. I didn't exactly see it go flying. In fact, I didn't see it at all. One moment it was there, the next it wasn't. Sinking feeling in my stomach the moment I noticed it was missing.

This garden just got a whole lot more expensive.

"Honey?" Jay stops shoveling and looks at me.

"I'm missing my wedding ring."

So went the garden planting last weekend.

*Rolls eyes*

Dumb garden. Dumb rock-ridden, weed infested, muddy back-breaking garden. We missed Holland Happening, first day of fishing, the tulip fields, and who knows what else to get it finished. Now it's eaten my wedding ring, too.

Well. Not really. Much as I'd like to, I can't really blame the garden for the loss. The ring's been really loose on my finger lately. I knew it could slip off. But I feel so werid without it, I didn't want to stop wearing it. Now it's lost in the greater wilderness that is our backyard. In the two foot high grass that hasn't been mowed in over a month because we've been focused on getting the crowbegotten garden done.

Dumb garden.

Anybody got a metal detector?


LeAnna said...

Ohhh noooooo! I once heard a story about a woman who lost her ring while gardening. 40 something years later, after they'd moved an everything...a man had planted carrots in the garden area and when he pulled one up, it had grown right through a wedding band. He found out about the previous owners and sure enough, it was her band. There were pictures and everything. Kinda nuts!

Mama Sue said...

Oh, me-me. I'm so sorry. I'll ask the Lord to cause it to turn up.