July 1, 2012

Let the berry picking begin!

Summer is delayed it would seem, up here in our little part of the world. While hats and gloves have been packed away for next winter, we still wear sweaters and hoodies when we go out. The rest of the country experiences heat waves and wildfires, and here we are doing beach days in the rain. Ha!
I wake up each morning hoping for sunshine, praying for a warm sunny day. More often than not, though, our days are gray.
But whether the sun shines or not, it is summer and we're doing our best to enjoy the season.  

We went picking this morning after church.

 Guess who had the most fun?

We picked over ten pounds! I have most of them in the freezer now, awaiting a future in smoothies and baked goods. And I just may go back for more. :) I'm looking forward to more berry picking this summer. Blackberries and raspberries in the next few months, and if all goes well, blueberries too!

What's something you look forward to doing every summer?


Anonymous said...

Seeing my favorite Neuhausers! That's what I look forward to!!
Yep, yep, yep, Yes Ma'am, that's what I look forward to!!!
Love you, Mom

Moon_Pie said...

I picked a lot of strawberries when I was a kid. it was for spending money not fun believe me!