February 28, 2008

The Class of '54

Scene: Maltise Falcon Malt Shop, downtown Rolley City, around 6pm on the night of August 16th, 1959.

The Players: 8 friends, all gathered for their 5th year high school reunion at the "old hangout."

The Mystery? Classmate #9, one Rock N. Rolley, has been murdered. His car was found on the train tracks at Backroads Crossing at 5:15 pm. Since high school, Rock had become a famous rock star and early tonight, had given a special performance for the reunion.

All 8 friends are suspects. All 8 "friends" have motives of their own for wanting to off Rock.

Who dunnit?
Last Friday night, four of the couples from our bible study indulged once again in a How to Host a Murder dinner party. Of the three so far, we all agreed that this one was the easiest to dress for:

"Cal" Q. Layder, the genius/nerd of our class who's trying to patent a remote braking device that allows you to stop a car remotely. With him is Deirdre "Dee" C. Deucer, home-coming queen-turned-law student. But later, we discover she's really an FBI agent.

Evelyn C. "E.C." Leigh, former cheerleader "who just couldn't say no to anything" because of her, ahem, incredibly generous nature; we find out almost immediately that she has a small son, and questions are raised as to the paternity of the child. Then there's Richard "Rick" C. Alcitrent, the wild and unruly kid who's had a hard time adapting to adulthood; he shares a striking resemblence with the deceased Rock N. Rolley, as well as a talent for music.

Delbert "Del" Toydes, the three-sport letterman who we later find out, threw the big home-coming game senior year in order to make some easy money. And, looking very fine in her pink poodle skirt is Priscilla "Pris" E. Teene, our valedictorian and senior class president. Of course, Pris would just like us to believe she was really that smart . . .

Joseph "Joe" K. Awledge was Rock's business manager. Joe was Class Treasurer back in '54, and he lost a small sum of the school's money playing the stock market. And we musn't forget Penelope "Penny" Loafer, twin sister of the deceased Rock. Penny married R. Auten Loafer right out of high school, but misses her wild high school days.

(Jay's puffing on a chocolate cigar in the picture, but I don't think you can see it). I wore a knee-length pleated skirt, with a cranberry sweater, pearls (as per my costume suggestions), and brown loafers to match my name. :)

We ate hambergers and french fries for dinner, listened to 50s hits like "Blueberry Hill" and "At the Hop," and accused each other of murder for four hours. We had a blast! :) As we worked into round four (the last and more important round of the game), we demolished a pot of fondue for dessert. Not very 50s-ish, I know, but very yummy!

In the end, Greg (Cal), was the one who dunnit. He was the genius who actually braked Rock's car right over the tracks before the evening train came by. However, it was discovered that Jay (Joe) and myself (Penny) were in on the deal, which I suppose makes us co-conspiritors. I wanted my family's inheritance all to myself, and for his help, I promised to make Joe president of the company. *devious grin* What can I say? I'm a mercenary!

At least I wasn't the bad guy this time... well, not the only bad guy, anyway. ;)

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