February 29, 2008

An overdose of . . . something


Blink, blink.

Is is possible to have a hangover from too much chocolate?

I wouldn't know, because I've never been "hung-over." But I imagine this run-over-by-a-cement-truck and foggy brain must be what it feels like. Minus the headache and nausea, of course.

See, I bought brownies last night for Home Fellowship (a bible study for young married couples and young families that meets at our house on Thursday nights). I was craving them something awful, so around 6:45 I skipped out to Albertsons to buy some. I will confess, I ate the mostest of everyone. :(

I have a weakness for chocolate. I also have a weakness for staying up late, which is probably the real cause of my alleged hang-over. Because after bible study, I proceeded to put Caleb to bed, and log into WoW (another weakness of mine - but you're not supposed to know about that ;). For the next hour and a half, I completed quests on my lvl 21 Shadow Priest named Ireena. I finished up in Bloodmyst Isle, took her to Exodar for a quick trip to the bank and Auction House, then put her on a boat bound for the elfin refuge Auberdine. And then, though I could hardly believe it, today was already tomorrow, and the clock was striking 12:15 am.

See, I have it stuck in my little brain that staying up late is "cool." And of course going to bed early is, by consequence, "boring." Something I'm going to have to re-wire in my little brain if I want to live to see 24, I think. ;-) Because mornings like this one aren't very fun to wake up to. Sure I had fun last night, but since the Rapture didn't happen and the world come to an end while I slept, I must now live today.

Curse you, rich chocolate Brownies!

Wait. Didn't I just say a lack of sleep was to blame for my foggy state? And not the brownies?

I really must try to get to bed earlier.

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