July 23, 2008

Who Says SAHM's Don't Have Fun???

I wondered today what endless energy source powers small children. I suspect if I knew the answer, I'd probably be famous. Nobel Prize famous. But then, if there was an answer to be found in the first place, I'm sure someone else would have already discovered it. I'm not that smart.

Caleb never ceases to surprise me. Belle, my dog growing up, was always deathy afraid of the vacuum cleaner. When I was pregnant with Caleb, devouring baby book after baby book, I was fore-warned that most small children are afraid of them as well. But not our son. Oh no. And here's proof. I give you Adventures in Vacuuming:

Oh look! Mom's vacuuming again. Let's investigate!

Hmmm, it makes a lot of noise. Wonder what happens if I do this. . .

Can't push it, guess I'll just ride it!

Which is exactly what he tried to do. When that didn't work, he decided to investigate elsewhere.

And when a certain Mommy Bear rounded on him after her vacuuming came to an abrupt halt, he humbly and meekly tried to fix it:

Yep, that's our son!

1 comment:

Mishel said...

Aww, you mentioned Belle...and I just had to smile. : )

And Caleb...oh my! He is such a cutie!