May 7, 2009

Would someone send out for lobster and cheesecake? Pretty please??

Yeah, I know. I stole the title from my facebook status. I hope you'll forgive me. Stealing titles from myself . . . sheesh. How low can a girl go?

Actually, we're in a self-imposed quarentine. Guess who brought this on? He's about 3 foot 2 inches and weighs approximately 38 lbs. Oh, and he's blonde. With red spots. A really cutie. His smile would melt a Marxist dictator's heart.

Unfortunately, his smile wasn't enough to keep the spots away. (Apparently, the spots have never heard of a Marxist dictator.) We're mostly certain Caleb has chicken pox. Not that you'd ever guess it from the way he keeps stampeding around the house, accosting toilet paper and any other paper products he can get his hands on.

Still, the spots remain. Small, red, insistent. And itchy. Demanding to be noticed.

So visitors, ye be warned! A pox upon us! Stay away! Run awaaaaaay!
(unless of course, your name is Kevin and you are Jason's best friend; in that case, you've been cleared for our quarentine). ;)

Sooooooo, anyone want to order take out food for us and leave it down the block? :)


Lindsay said...

you poor guys!! Hope he's feeling better soon - and I can get you some yummy and healthy cheesecake recipes!!

LeAnna said...

I guess it's better to have them now than later! I don't know what we'll do when our time comes for that. I had a real mild case as a child, and I don't think Brandon ever had them!!

Wishing you all the cheesecake a seafood you can handle (or dream about) today. ;)