May 25, 2010

Camping We Will Go

For those in the audience just tuning in, the Neuhausers Three went camping this weekend. We haven't camped with Caleb since he was nine months old (which, as I keep telling people, doesn't count because a) he was barely walking then and b) he doesn't remember it).

Thus, this being our first "official" camping trip with a three-year-old, we decided to go someplace close to home and to stay just one night. That way, if our tent burned down or Bigfoot stole our food, we weren't too far from home to order a retreat.

We kept calling this trip "our practice run." And actually, we did learn. A lot.


What We Learned in South Whidbey
about Camping in General

#1: Our car is too small. We barely managed to fit the equipment, food, and firewood
into our little four-door sedan. The Cavalier is definitely not a camping car. Next time, we'll borrow my in-laws van. :)

Jumping on the air mattress

Snuggling on the air mattress
(guess who really really really loved playing inside the tent?)

#2: Wet firewood makes life difficult. It also makes you cold. Jason spent several hours Saturday night trying to coax the flames into a blaze. Then it rained during the night, so no amount of coaxing Sunday morning would convince the wood to light. :( Next time, we shall have dry wood. And plenty of it.

Caleb still doesn't like my camera. After snapping a bunch of photos on Saturday, he actually looked at me and said "Stop it!" Lol!
#3: It's important to test your camping equipment before you are actually camping. Hopefully that way, you find out beforehand that your propane grill has a leak and spare your husband the fireball that almost took off his eyebrows.
(Jason's face is completely intact, thanks to his Jedi-like reflexes. But it was a close call.)

Out on one of Caleb's favorite trails. It includes two small bridges and a wee creek only an inch or two deep. Perfect for splashing in.
I love this picture. I just do. :)

#4: One night is just not long enough. Camping requires too much work and preparation (and is way too much fun) to do for only one night. So next time we go, we'll go for at least two nights.

Wrapped up in Mommy's poncho, staring at the fire.

We had a great weekend. Not without its Ooops's and Uh-oh moments,
but overall a lot of fun. Good family time. Nice to get away. Hoping to do more this summer. :)

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


redeemed diva said...

What a great trip!!! I love the pic of your son on the blue chair. I also love point #1`

ladyfelicity said...

It looks like you had soooooo much fun! :)

I'm hoping to reply to your email SOON!!!

Btw, giveaway of my book this weekend on my blog! :)

Mama Sue said...

Hilarious! Simply the cutest pictures. Thanks for sharing. You made me laugh. Can't wait to come along sometime! Hugs to all.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Miss Diva. :) Yep, I love that picture, too. He's such a cutie... quiet moments like that don't come often, so I try to enjoy them when they do!

Elisabeth, I look forward to your email!!! I'm presenting the new Emma to my mother-, sister-, and grandma-in-laws tomorrow. They are all Jane Austen fans, too, so I think we'll have a grand old time. :) I left a comment for your giveaway!!

Mom, I hope you guys get to come camping with us, too! Maybe next summer? Since your August trip is already booked? :) Love you!

ladyfelicity said...

"Emma" with your famil sounds like a lot of fun! :) Enjoy!!!

And, no, you didn't miss the giveaway - I was tired and muddled the date when I wrote the post! :)