May 21, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

Dear Wal-Mart,

You've come to mean a great deal to me over the years. No matter where I've moved, you've followed me like a faithful dog, and I've come to think of you as a good friend. I always enjoy our Friday mornings together, me walking your aisles and you providing my family with food, clothes, and toilet paper. Your shelves are ever-full of colorful merchandise. I never know what I may find and every trip feels like an adventure. I thought I could count on you, whatever else life may throw at me.

But you failed me, Wal-Mart. You betrayed my trust. Yesterday I made an extra special trip to see you, and it wasn't even Friday! I needed one particular item, just one, but I was frustrated at every turn. I searched through racks of flip-flops, convos, tennis shoes, and cheap Made in China sandals. I looked at rubber rain boots and the new summer water shoes. I even went through the men's shoes. You stock plenty of hiking boots for men. Why not for women, Wal-Mart? Why do you only have a three-foot section of shelf dedicated to women's hiking boots size 10 and up? I wear size 7 1/2, or did you forget?

Do women in Oak Harbor just have big feet? Or have I offended you somehow?

Sadly Yours,



Dear Payless Shoes,

I think there's been a mistake. You do still sell shoes, don't you? You haven't recently switched to marketing lawn mowers and rakes, with a one year plan to phase out shoes entirely? If not, someone at corporate might want to inform the clerk working at your Oak Harbor store.

Because when politely asked yesterday where the women's hiking boots where, your clerk replied "Oh. We don't carry those."

You don't carry those? What, women don't hike in the Pacific Northwest? Am I the only female eager for woodland smells, soft pine needles underfoot, and green, leafy branches overhead?

Clearly, someone in the ordering department didn't get the memo: Women hike, too. And believe it or not, we don't like wearing humongous men-sized boots with steel toes. Heck, we can barely lift them! So when you set things straight with your clerk, kindly inform her that referring female customers to the men's department may not be the best way to make a sale. Thank you!



Dear K-Mart,

I cannot and will not blame you for the fact that I shopped at two previous stores before coming to you. You've rescued me many times in the past (curtains come to mind), but let's face it: your prices are higher than Wal-Mart. So when I walked through your doors yesterday, I did so as a last ditch effort (and because you happen to live across the parking lot from Payless Hikeless Shoes).

I found an adorable patriotic apron right off. Then some matching dish towels. I was tempted to go browse through your Home Furnishings department, but I stayed on target and headed for the shoes.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, I was foiled a third time: no hiking boots. No women's hiking boots, anyway. Apparently, Oak Harbor is having an epidemic. Or maybe there was a massive recall I haven't heard about. Either way, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know when you get more boots in stock, mmkay? Size 7 1/2? Pretty please? Thank you!


P.S. I think your store has a mold problem. The smell when I walked through the doors was horrendous. It lingered throughout the whole store and once I realized you didn't have my boots, I was running for the exit.

Ever had something you just couldn't find? No matter where you went? :)

Well, we're off camping tomorrow (weather permitting)! In lieu of real hiking boots, I'm settling for a new pair of tennies. From Wal-Mart. Go with what you know, ya know?

Happy Weekend, ya'll!


LeAnna said...

For reals!?! No hiking boots for women? Maybe you'll have to look on line. Silly shoe stores. ;) This was a cute post. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

ladyfelicity said...

This made me laugh! Have fun on your camping trip ...

Mama Sue said...

Ok.Ok. That's it. We are taking you to a"real shoe store" in August. However, if you find hiking boots before then, let me know. I will help purchase them!!
Love, Mom