August 4, 2010

Prayer Please

I wanted to ask for your prayers, friends.
For this guy.

(not the little one, the big one)

My Mom and Harry are visiting us this week. They flew in Monday afternoon.

And on Monday evening, Harry hurt his back. Badly.
He's been laying down in our guest room ever since.
We're hoping bedrest and Excedrin will be sufficient, but my mom's never seen him in
this much pain.
So if you guys could offer up a prayer for him, we'd really appreciate it. Harry is totally a get-up-and-don't-stop-moving kind of guy, and having to stay down is driving him crazy.

Thanks so much, y'all! I'll keep you posted!


ladyfelicity said...

Aww ... I just prayed!!!

Shannon said...

I will be praying!