August 18, 2010

While the Sun Shines

Pa stood thinking for a minute, then he jerked his head. "Come along, little Half-Pint. We better make hay while the sun shines."
His eyes twinkled and Laura laughed, because the sun was shining with all its might.
-- exerpt from The Long Winter
by Laura Ingalls Wilder
~ ~ ~
:: Hay Bales above Penn Cove ::
We're enjoying a truly gorgeous summer on the island. The sun shines almost every single day, and last weekend temperatures soared into the 90s. We spend our days hiking trails, playing at the park, buying ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck, swimming in the lake, and sunning at the beach. We crab with Jason's family. We travel off-island to new and exciting places, some of which are only accessible in the summer. Caleb digs around his sandbox in the back yard, while I sit on the deck with the lap top, perusing blogs, Facebook, and recipes. This weekend, we're going camping. And next week we'll pick blackberries to store away for winter baking.
Winter. It's hard to believe cold, wet, windy days are coming when the sun shines late into the evening and my son goes everywhere barefoot. But I know gray days are coming.
Which is why I want to be outside every minute. Caleb, too. That line from Laura Ingalls Wilder's book has bounced around my head all summer long: make hay while the sun shines. Take full advantage of the beautiful weather. Store away bright memories for those gray months when you can barely recall what sunshine is.
Yesterday was a perfect example. I hadn't planned an outing with Caleb, but by 2pm I knew we needed to get out of the house. So I threw a couple of beach towels, some snacks, and my camera in a beach bag and off we went. I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go, and I prayed the tide would be out.

It was. Just barely. But it was enough.

We'd never been to this particular beach before.

The waves were a little crazy.

(just a little)

But we splashed in the freezing water anyway. Caleb and I ventured out on the broken pieces of sea wall and waited for big waves to come crashing around our legs. I held his hand so he wouldn't be swept away.

He thought it was just about the funniest thing ever. And I had fun feeling adventurous and daring. :)

When we tired of playing chicken with the waves, we played in the sand.

Caleb had fun exploring the driftwood, too.

We made some good memories yesterday. We made some hay.

I know fall is coming. I know the weather will change. But summer isn't over quite yet, and that thought makes me happy. I'm not ready for it. I'm not ready to say good-bye to the sun.
How about you? Are you looking forward to fall already? Or are you savoring this summer season? Maybe both?


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Such a pretty place! I think I need to hit a beach really soon, but I also heard we're getting rain this weekend! (whaaaa.)

You guessed right on the mountains- we saw Shuksan and Baker and did the Chain lakes hike last weekend. Gorgeous!!


Anna said...

I just love the quote you opened this entry with. It brings back good Little House memories. :)

Visiting via your comment on Thoughts and Whatnots!

Nicole said...

Hello Anna! Thanks for stopping by! Fellow Little House fans are always welcome! ;) Did you grow up reading the books or watching the TV series, or both? I read the books over and over as a girl, but never watched the show until I was an adult. They're both good, but for me, the books will always hold a special place. :)