October 12, 2010

Slice of Life

Food shopping on Friday
(which is what we do every Friday)
A visit to the Toy Aisle at Wally World
((which we also do every Friday))
We have quite the routine. :)
But this picture? Not so routine.

Check out the cowboy hat and nerf sword.
Mixing our genres a bit, aren't we little boy?
Not that he cares.

Just look at that smile! :)
I may or may not have joined my son for some sword fighting right there in the store.
I may or may not have wielded a nerf ax.
And I may or may not have earned a few raised eyebrows from fellow shoppers who passed by.
I'll never tell. :)
But I will tell you this. The nerf sword went home with us.
Some things you just can't fight. Cuteness is one of them.
But the cuteness didn't stop at Wal-Mart.
Driving into the parking lot of our local produce market, we spotted a mountain of pumpkins.
Well, of course we had to explore!
(Between the two stores, we seem to have lost a pair of shoes. See those bare feet?)

And you should have seen the look on this little boy's face when I told him we could take a pumpkin home, too.

You'd think he'd won the lottery. :)

Ahh, sweet moments that make me smile.

So how are y'all doing these days? I know I haven't been around much. Are you enjoying fall, wherever you live? Savoring the colors and smells and seasonal foods? What moments in your week have made you smile?


Mama Sue said...

Very cute. Adorable. Just simply hugable. I would have bought the sword as well!!
Pumpkins, apple cinnamon candles, gingerbread and pumpkin bread mixes from Trader Joes. Yep, fall is here as well.
Miss you. Love, Mom and Harry

ladyfelicity said...

I love the cowboy hat and nerf sword - oh too cute!