October 14, 2010

When Life Gives You Rocks ...

. . . make a mud hole!

The mud hole was not intentional; I was actually trying to dig up the ground for some bulbs. But I didn't get very far. Our front yard is extraordinarily rocky; I figured this out yesterday as the shovel hit rock after rock after rock. Not the best place to plant bulbs. Not to mention the sheer amount of grunt work necessary to unearth all those rocks was a bit more than I bargained for. After only twenty minutes, I'd tweaked my back pretty good.

Sooooooo, I let someone else have a go at the hole.

He thought maybe some water would help.

And it did! A little water made the perfect mud hole.
And a certain someone thought this was just about the best thing ever. He played in his hole for a solid forty-five minutes and would've stayed out later if I'd let him. :)
Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to do with these now . . .

Planters of some sort are in order. But store-bought planters are expensive. Anyone have any ideas?


Mama Sue said...

Have John, Jay and Mike build some inexpensive redwood boxes!
Love Mom :):):)

ladyfelicity said...

A mud hole like that is happiness for a little boy, huh ... ?

I know I owe you a looong letter - I haven't forgotten and plan to write soon. I'm so behind on my writing ... book, blog and letters too. But I look forward to "talking" again soon!