December 15, 2010

Writing When I Should Be in Bed...

Yawn. I really should be in bed. The over-achiever part of my brain is telling I should write this post, though. Or maybe it's God.

Today wasn't a bad day. Just long. Today Jason went back to work after a wonderful two week vacation. The house felt strange and quiet with just me and Caleb. The washer quit on me today, too. December must be a tough month for household appliances because the repair shop can't send someone out until Monday. Boo.

In the interest of sending my son to school in clean clothes, I went over to Jason's parents' house tonight to get a couple loads done. While the clothes washed, I watched NCIS on the TV and curled up on the couch with Willie (the family golden retriever). There was a fire in the wood stove, and their Christmas tree sparkled cheerfully in the corner. I had the living room all to myself. It was nice. :)

I know I haven't been around the blog much this fall. I think I signed up for too many things back in the summer, when I dreaded the coming winter months and thought the best way to combat the short days and wet weather would be to make myself as busy as possible.

Ha. I've been sick three times since September. Still fighting off this latest bug. And if my own scheduling choices weren't enough, parenting sure is. These last few months have challenged me and Jason as parents in ways we never imagined. God kicked "raising Caleb" into high gear and many days we feel like we're just holding on for dear life. But that's a whole 'nuther story, a much longer one and one I hope I can write soon.

All that to say, blogging has been low on the priority list. I don't know if it will stay there or not. I am re-evaluating, re-prioritizing, and re-thinking a lot of stuff right now and I'm not sure where blogging will fit in. This is not a good-bye post. It's just a here's-the-state-of-things post.

It is now most definitely bed time. If I don't post again by the 25th, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. :) We are teaching Caleb the Christmas story this year and as he says "Baby Jesus is coming!" That is certainly something to celebrate. :)

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