December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a good Christmas! We did! We spent Christmas Eve at Jason's parents' house with the whole family + three dogs. :) See the stockings, hung with care?

(and bulging with presents???) There are 13 to be precise, including three for the doggies. The family is growing me thinks. :) There's a new one for Jim, my sister-in-law's fiancee, and one for their baby Peanut who'll join the family sometime in July.

Here's us girls in our Christmas pajamas. Me, Grandma (or GiGi as Caleb calls her), Kim (mom-in-law), and Helen (sis-in-law).

And here's the Neuhauser Clan's North Pole workshop . . .

Actually, it's Kim's craft room. But with 8 people bearing gifts from afar, where else were we going to put them??

Christmas morning was a lot of fun, too. Long, but good. :) Caleb woke us up at 6:00 am and the day just took off from there. I have more pics to post, hopefully this week, so y'all can share in the cuteness. :)

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