February 14, 2011

The Four Shades of Purple Story, pt. 1

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! How was your day?

Our Valentine's was rather uneventful. Caleb had a party at school, for which I made chocolate rice krispie treats. Other than that, the red and pink holiday passed quietly. Jason and I aren't big into celebrating on the actual day, due to crowded restaurants and over-priced flowers. We'll probably go out this weekend, when the grandparents can watch the bud.

But, in honor of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to tell y'all a story from me and Jay's dating days.

A funny ha-ha story. A not necessarily romantic story.

How about the first time he asked me out?

Admittedly, Jason tells it much better than I do. I laugh every time he does. But since he's not much for writing, you guys are stuck with me. Mu-ha-ha-ha!


Once upon a time . . .

. . . there was this guy named Jason. My friend Shawn had introduced us at church and we talked after service on Sundays, mostly about books. He was 19 and attending community college. I was 17 and also taking classes at the same campus for high school credit. We had toilet papered our pastor's house with Jason's brother and sister a couple months before (long story, another post). Oh, and he drove a brand new two door Ford Focus. Purrrr.

I began seeing that little coffee-colored car in the parking lot at the college on Tuesday nights. And Thursdays. In fact, I started looking for it every time I drove on campus, and I almost always found it.

One night, during a break, we discovered our classrooms were right next to each other. (Subtle, Lord. Really subtle.) He was taking some big and important Majorly Impressive Math Course. I was learning how to say Hola and Me encanto su coche.

He didn't always have break when I did, so on my way back from the bathroom, I would sometimes peek through the window into his class to see if he was there. The students faced away from the window, so he never saw me.

One week, he invited me to get a soda with him during break. I said yes. The next night, we got sodas again. Then he asked me out to dinner.

(And this is the part Jason does so well when he tells the story . . . )

I turned four shades of purple.

And now, for some history.

I was a bookworm at 17. College-bound and working very hard towards a scholarship to pay my way. I had no desire to date. I saw no reason to causually date when I would most likely be moving far away for college in a year. Also, I did not want to date until I was ready to pursue a serious relationship.

Additionally, I was convinced that "boys" would get in the way of my schooling, lower my grades, and jeopardize my college career. So while boys were nice, dating was strictly forbidden for the next four years of my life. I was convinced that was what God wanted.

In reality, though, I had concocted a Plan and simply stuck God's name on it. It was a very holy, spiritual-sounding Plan. Surely God must be pleased. Had I only known He was about to blow my Plan to smithereens.

Because that night when Jason asked me out? I didn't want to say no. I didn't want to say yes, either, because, HELLO! I didn't date! But I didn't want to say no.

So I turned four shades of purple. Threw every excuse in the book at him. I wasn't available for dinner. I voluteered at Awanas on Wednesday nights. I had youth group on Mondays. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"Ok," he said. "How about lunch?"

Lunch?? Um, I can't. I have school work during the day. I need to study. I help my dad out. I work part-time at the local florist shop.

Jason raised his eyebrows. I was sweating profusely by this point and just wished he would take a hint and go away.

"Well then. How about breakfast?"

Breakfast?!?!?! This guy wouldn't give up. And I was out of excuses.

"I'll check my calendar and get back to you," I mumbled. Thankfully, break was over and I could hide behind my spanish book while I privately panicked to myself.

(stay tuned for Part Two, in which Jason gets to have his breakfast, but not with me . . . )

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