March 10, 2011

Catching Up

Oh my. Is this my blog?

I almost forgot what a blank post page looked like. And are those cobwebs I see over there by the family picture on the sidebar?


I guess The Inkwell could use a little spring cleaning! Well, friends, I do apologize for the long absence. Seems like just one thing after another around here and the posts I want to write pile up like the laundry downstairs until I feel overwhelmed with back stories and I simply don't know where to start.

There's been some big goings-on around our home lately. Blog-worthy goings-on. But rather than write a post for each of them, I've decided to write a post of mini posts to catch y'all up on the latest and greatest. :)

Mini Post #1: The Snow Storm

Two weeks ago, the island endured the biggest winter storm in recent history. We got nine inches of wet white stuff dumped on us in less than twenty-four hours. Around these parts, that's quite a rare event. Stores closed. Roads closed. So did the schools. Normal life halted to make way for snowball fights and snow angels. Here's a few pictures:

{The view from our front window}

{Piling up on the maple tree}

{The neighborhood, magically changed to a winter wonderland. I had a sudden urge to play Christmas music again!}

{Caleb watches the snow fall from the front window. He was beside himself. He wanted to be outside constantly, and only the sub-freezing temps could persuade him to come indoors! If I'd allowed it, I think he would have made himself an igloo and camped out till everything melted.}
Mini Post #2: California!
In just a few short weeks, Caleb and I are going to California! We're going over Caleb's spring break for a week-long visit, and I am beyond-this-world excited! There's a story behind this trip, a God-story, which I promsie I'll finish writing and share with ya'll soon. Because really, God deserves the glory on this one. :)
Mini Post #3: Shades of Purple, pt. 2
Coming soon to a blog near you! I promise to finish the story I started on Valentines. :) I won't leave you hanging!
Mini Post #4: Off to Seattle
Tuesday, we will all be heading down to Seattle for an appointment at Children's Hospital. After nearly six months of waiting, we will begin an evaluation process to see if Caleb is autistic. I haven't officially mentioned this on the blog before, and once again, I feel such news deserves its own post. But this post is all about keeping y'all in the loop. So there's the loop!
I think that's it for mini-posts. At the moment, I'm stretched out on the couch, under a bundle of blankets, sharing space with a small boy and his stuffies. :) We're enjoying a morning of cartoons before school and food-shopping later today. Outside, the wind is gusting merrily, blowing winter away. We hit mid 50s yesterday and I'm lovin' it! We've had sunshine every day this week, and spring isn't far off.
Oh thank you Jesus. :)
See y'all soon!

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Mama Sue said...

How lovely, me-me. The snow is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see you and the bud!
Love, Mom