March 20, 2011

Thus passed Carlie Sue

We welcomed a new appliance into our home tonight. A brand-new Whirlpool named Cabrillo. He's a handome devil, if I do say so myself. He and Waldo (the dryer) are already good friends, and I must say I'm relieved to have two male appliances rooming together downstairs. Leaves less room for hanky-panky. You know?

Not that our late gal Carlie Sue was that type of washer. She was a sweet little lady who gave us everything she had. She served the Neuhauser laundry efforts well until she fell and broke her spin cycle. She was old, after all, and had led a full life before she found her way to us. Cabrillo has some big shoes to fill.

Rest in peace, Carlie Sue. You will be missed.