January 3, 2012

Daniel as you've never seen him before

This is Daniel.
The Daniel from the bible.
As in, Daniel and the Lions' Den.
Yes, I realize he looks a little futuristic for a bible character. He actually comes from a moon rover toy and is supposed to wear a space helmet. But don't tell Caleb, ok? He's accepted the fact that this is Daniel, regardless of whatever time travel might be involved.
Our little adventure with Mary and Joseph went so well during December that I figured, why not do some other bible stories throughout the year? Hands-on style for the concrete learners among us?
So here is Daniel with King Darius. Inside Darius's castle.
Please don't ask me what King D is wearing. He was the best "king-looking" figure I could find. And no, he's not part of the moon rover set.
Today we read Daniel 6:4, which says that Daniel worked for King Darius and did a good job. The King liked him very much and planned to set him over the entire kingdom
We also read Dan. 6:10b, which says that Daniel prayed three times a day to his God, as was his custom. So for the duration of this little bible lesson, Caleb and I are praying three times a day, too.
This was the best "praying" position I could manage. These little guys don't bend at the knees. "Sit" and "Stand" are pretty much what they do. In space helmets.
Tomorrow, we learn about the satraps who didn't like Daniel very much.
{Daniel doesn't know it yet, but he's about to have a very bad week in the Neuhauser house.}
Hey, I didn't write the story. I'm just reenacting it. :-D

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mama sue said...

Very cute, me-me. I LIKE it!
Love, Mom