January 14, 2012

Haircuts and TV Shows

The boys are speaking geek to each other as they attempt to save a virtual world from virtual zombies. Caleb has his pirate hat on and is playing some sort of crash-the-cars game on his castle. And me? I'm organizing photos from this last year and wiping clean the memory card on my camera. It's ready for a fresh start.
It's been a week, friends. Oy.
A week of meetings, emails, and forgetting things.
A week of that time of the month, and hitting my head on the couch while playing the part of a zombie for Caleb to chase. A day-long headache resulted. Not fun.
Caleb and I took yesterday off and had some fun Mommy & Me time. We needed it. We got his haircut (first time professionally done). We went out to lunch. Then we went looking for whirlpools at Deception Pass. We like exploring. Off-roading on game trails. Forging our own path. We're getting quite good at it, too. But that's a subject for another post.
This morning I took these to show off the new do:

He's very happy with his hair. He tells everybody "See my haircut? We go Super Cuts, and lady cut my hair!" :) He was so good in the barber's chair. Sat perfectly still. All gentlemanly and sweet.
About melted my heart. Then I watched as the last vestiges of blonde hair fell away under those clippers, and my eyes about melted too. I'm gonna miss those blonde locks.


Last weekend we had another first. We obtained (and hauled over the fence) our first swingset!
Caleb is in love. So am I. It's perfect for our yard, and it was free. Woot! All the Neuhauser men showed up to help us haul it. A real family effort, which was mightily appreciated.

And here's a bonus picture. It has nothing to do with this post in particular, but I found it when downloading photos this morning, and I thought I'd share. He's so darn cute. If I do say so myself. :)
I was told this week that I get too involved in TV shows. I don't know what prompted Hubby to tell me this. I only subjected him to a thirty minute rant about how Once Upon a Time should not have killed so-and-so, and how I wasn't sure I was going to keep watching because I was so upset at the loss of this character. I mean, how could they??? It was only the seventh episode!
Yeah, ok. I guess I'm involved.
I took his advice to heart, though, and haven't given up on the show. Yet. But they better get Snow White and Prince Charming back together or else I might just go postal.
If you haven't heard of Once Upon a Time, it's a pretty fun show from ABC. Fairy tale characters find themselves living in our world with no memory of who they are. They are under a curse, after all. A curse that takes away happy endings. Only one person can break the curse, but of course, she doesn't know who she is.
Ok, /end TV show plug now.
Emotionally invested much? Nope. Not me.
So how was your week, friends? Anything exciting? Any firsts? Are you mad at any TV shows? Air your opinions here! :)


LeAnna said...

Look at how big he looks with his new do!!!! So handsome. I've heard Once Upon a Time is reaaaaaaly good, but I've yet to see it. I'm currently obsessed with Master Piece Theatres Downton Abbey!

Anonymous said...

Nope. No new firsts yet here.
Thanks for the post. I'm looking for the snow pictures! Have a great week, Neuhausers!

Anonymous said...

That last one was my post, me-me. I forgot to sign out.