November 18, 2012

Silly Moments with Caleb

And now it's time for Silly Moments with Caleb. The part of the blog where I share some of Caleb's recent silly moments.

While Caleb was sick this week, we rented Despicable Me. A family favorite, he watched it no less than three times. He had shrink rays on the brain after that. He came into the living room some time later, and told me his "evil plan." Determined to find himself a Shrink Ray, by whatever means necessary, he attempted to "ska-doo" into the TV (thank you, Blues Clues). Before I could warn him off, his head connected with the television and I heard an audible crack. He turned around, slighty cross-eyed and shrugged. "It's all part of the plan. More or less." (And thank you, Special Agent Oso).

I laughed so hard! "Son, you mixed up so many different stories there, I think I'm dizzy!"

Since September, Caleb's new favorite toy has been Legos. Every day he plays with them. Mostly he builds monsters. But sometimes he makes creatures. And chariot-cannons. And cages for skeleton horses. And . . . well, you get the picture.

He has picked out a particularly large Lego set that he wants desperately. He'll tell anyone who asks (and many who don't) that he wants "the Monster Fighters Crazy Scientist."

We've told him (repeatedly) that he can ask for it for Christmas. We've told him Christmas isn't far away, and no, we're not buying it now, because it's a little on the expensive side.

But since when is patience a five-year-old's strong suit?

Over the last few weeks, Caleb has devised ever more improbable and impractical plans for getting said Lego set. It went from asking Santa, to enlisting the help of imaginary friends, to going on quests and solving mysteries, all of which somehow lead to Legos. The other morning, bright and early, he got up and without a word, went out the front door. Jason was already up and heard the door open. Going to investigate, he saw Caleb standing uncertainly in the driveway. "What are you doing, son?"

"I was going to Wal-Mart to get the Crazy Scientist," he said. "But I might get lost. I'll wait for Christmas." And with that, he turned around and came back inside.

Can I just tell you how glad I am he didn't decide to walk to Wal-Mart?

Oh, that crazy boy of mine!

Unfortunately, many of his plans also involved stealing the Legos from Wal-Mart. I blame Captain Hook for this. But that's another story. Suffice to say, we've had many many conversations about stealing in recent weeks and thankfully, I think Caleb finally understands that stealing is bad. I've also restricted how much Jake and the Neverland Pirates he watches. :)

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!

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Mama Sue said...

Love it! Love it! Too cute!