April 12, 2013

Pillow Talk

He comes into my room this morning, jumps up on to the bed. Without preamble, he says:
“Mommy, why you not making waffles?”
Well, good morning to you too little boy. Only it probably came out my mouth like "Nuuuh, ughh."
Then the questions start.
“Uh, Mommy? What’s a mirage?”
“How you make a heart with your fingers?”
“What are rumors?”
“Does Daddy sleep on this side of the bed?”
And then finally, “Mommy? What about Santa Claus?”
“What about Santa Claus, Caleb?” At this point, coffee is sounding pretty good.
“Is he real?”
“No, he isn’t real.”
“He’s not real???” (We had this conversation multiple times last Christmas. This revelation really shouldn’t come as a shock).
“Well, he was a real person who lived a long time ago. But he’s dead now.”
“He’s extinct like the dinosaurs?”
At which point, the laughter overtakes me and I am unable to answer any more questions.
Hard to believe three years ago, we wondered if Caleb would ever be verbal. He’s come so far. I watch old home videos of him, when all he could say was “more” and “thank-welcome.” He’s adorable and blonde and oh-so-little. I remember my worries, the burden of uncertainty I carried around about his future.
Now I quote Shrek to people who comment on how chatty Caleb is.
“Yeah, it’s getting him to shut up that’s the trick!”
(No, I don’t say shut-up to my son. Sheesh people, keep your shirts on!)
He’s growing up, this little boy of mine. At an inch past four feet tall, he’s not exactly little anymore. My mom says he looks like a seven or eight year old, and I have to agree. The new hair cut might have something to do with it. We finally gave up the page boy/bowl look and let the stylist buzz it. Now he’s just a boy. No more “little.”
And I’ll admit that makes me just a teensy bit sad.

While we're on the topic of things hard to believe, we're still homeschooling. :) This new adventure hasn't been easy. I nearly quit a time or two (or twenty). But after some rookie mistakes, numerous adjustments, and a curriculum change, I'm pleased to say we finally found a routine that works for us. We only have two months left of kindergarten (!!!) and I'm actually looking forward to first grade next year.
We're also still adventuring through the land of Foster Care. We received our license in February; now we're just waiting for our first placement. Caleb is super-excited to be a big brother. We talk often about his "little brother", what toys he might like, what he might be doing today. We pray for him, too. Whoever he is, wherever he is, we pray he is safe and loved and taken care of. We pray God would prepare our hearts to welcome him into our family. We pray God would bring him soon.
Waiting is, without a doubt, the hardest part. I'm a girl of action. Give me a plan, point me in the right direction, and I will go go go until I either collapse or achieve the goal. But waiting? Waiting is so . . . unproductive. The Lord keeps reminding me that I wait for His timing, and through this waiting I learn patience. Which sounds way more way more philosophical than it actually is!
So that's a little of what we've been up to lately! I have catching up to do with my fellow bloggers, but I hope you're all enjoying a lovely spring and making plans for summer. :)

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