April 20, 2008

The Best A Man Could Do

Ahhhhh, the quiet solitude of a Sunday afternoon! Caleb naps, the the smell of pork roast with cranberry/cornbread stuffing wafts through our apartment. Trying out a new recipe tonight; my mom and family are coming over for dinner. If the main dish meets proper satisfaction, I shall be sure to put the recipe up here for ya'll.

Some words are running through my mind this afternoon. We had a guest at church today do special music for us. Dennis Agajanian (http://www.dennisagajanian.com/), who does Christian country, sang and played (Oh! how he played!) the guitar.

He sang these words:

"There's a fire burning in my soul
It keeps a man warm,
It makes a man whole.
When the sun goes down and the day is through
To live and walk as Jesus did
is the best a man could do."

And I thought about how selfish I am; how easily angered; how petty my "issues" generally are. I want to "live and walk as Jesus did." I want that to be enough. I want Him to be enough.

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Natalie Jackson said...

How did your meal turn out?