April 3, 2008

It Doesn't Rain But It Pours

So, I need your prayers tonight friends.

I believe Caleb is teething again. It only took me four hours of crying, clinging, and refusing of his much-beloved apple juice to figure that out. Aren't I a smart one? I is a college graduwate. ;)

Yesterday was bad; today was worse. The end of nap time signaled the end of my quiet afternoon, and Caleb was not happy unless he was sitting in my lap. Which wasn't a problem until I actually needed to get up from my computer chair. :)

There I was, trying to change Caleb's diaper and give him baby motrin while he lay screaming on the changing table, talk to Jason about getting dinner on his way home before bible study, and then the phone rings. The other phone.

With my mom on the other end. Telling me that my Grandpa has terminal cancer.

Some of you have met my Grandpa Waller. Those of you who have, know he's not a believer. We knew he wasn't doing well health-wise; but we were not expecting this. We would all really appreciate your prayers. For him, for my step-grandma Lou, for my mom, and for me. We don't know how long he has; the doctors haven't said yet. But the cancer is all over his body and in his brain.

It doesn't rain but it pours.

My mom's 50th birthday is Saturday. We have a big party planned, with friends coming from out of town. Please say an extra prayer for her; this couldn't have come at a worse time.

We are all planning to be out in the desert by Monday at the latest to see him and see how things are going. Please please please pray. For us, yes. But mostly, for his salvation. My grandpa is so afraid of death, and yet, so closed to Jesus. Please pray that his heart would be softened. Pray that he would find hope and peace in Christ, even with death so close. Pray that the Lord would speak through me and my mom.


Natalie Jackson said...

I will be praying for you. I love you. Remember that God's presence is with you.

Mishel said...

I am *so* sorry to hear this Nicole. I don't remember meeting your grandpa, but I do remember your trips down to his house. I will be praying for him, for you, your mom...give your mom an extra hug from me tomorrow. We'll be missing you...


Madeleine said...

Bless your heart.

My FIL, whom I adored was not a believer, until the last moment of his life.

We are so precious to our Lord, I pray you grandpa seeks HIM, as He is waiting for him.