April 29, 2008

Clutter is Cleaned Up, Two Bibles at a Time

I wouldn't say I'm a neat freak. I usually reserve that title for people who scrub their bathrooms once a week, clean the top of the fridge every month or so, and wash the curtains every time they do laundry. :) Nah, I'm not like that. But I do like to be organized.

If your house is like mine, you have certain "corners" or "spaces" that just get to you. Places that never seem to stay tidy or clutter-free. Our kitchen table is one such place. But there are others.
I can't stand clutter. Which is why I cringe whenever I walk by these:

And that's just our bedroom! The last picture is the worst. I mean, common! It looks like we just moved in and I haven't finished unpacking yet. Totally not true. Well, the "Just moved in" part isn't anyway.

So this week, in honor of my being healthy and a part of the house wifery world once more, I decided to do something about the clutter. I decided to get rid of some Bibles.

Now before you start writing me up as a shallow, back-sliding Christian, please let me assure you, these aren't my Bibles. Or Jason's. In fact, they belong to people I haven't seen in eight months. They belong to two young women, wives and mothers, who visited our home fellowship last year, but did not return. Their Bibles, however, were left behind. And have been sitting on my desk in the livingroom ever since.

Now I won't tell you why it's taken me eight months to contact these ladies. You may speculate away on that one. But our home fellowship now has a running joke about leaving stuff behind at our apartment on Thursday nights. Because it happens. A lot. Sippy cups, burping cloths, toys, and even the odd pacifier here and there. But most of these families come every week, so returning their possessions is usually no biggie.

But our involuntary collection of God's Word? Legendary, friends. We laugh about it nearly every Thursday.

This week, I'd finally had it. I finally broke down and called these two ladies, who were overjoyed to hear that their long lost Bibles had been found. Made me wish I'd called them sooner. ;)

Our home is now a little less cluttered. And I'm a more than a little bit happy about it.

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Ashleigh said...

Um, if you take out that thing about the curtains every time I do laundry, I guess I should claim that title. I was actually just making plans this evening to wash the kitchen curtains next week. ::sheepish::