June 3, 2008

In Which She Brews Some Coffee

A momentous occasion is underway at the Neuhausers this morning.

After nearly four years of marriage, I am brewing my first pot of coffee. Won't you join me? Appropriate attire is required, of course. Pajamas preferred.

Why, you ask, has it taken me four years to brew coffee? Well, one needs a coffee maker before one can make coffee. And I was not in possession of such a machine until a few weeks ago (thank you, Natalie, for saving me from the coffee void!). Oh! the little gurglie sounds are dying down; it's almost done! One moment, please.

*grabs her coffee mug in eager expectation*

-a few coffee scented moments go by-

Ahhhhhhhhh. De-caf with French Vanilla creamer. Hot and blonde. Does life get any better? I'll admit, the coffee's a little strong, but then, I'm new to this whole aspect of SAHM-ism. Less grounds next time. Mmmmmm, next time. I'm already excited!

Too bad Jason doesn't like coffee. Not the taste, not the smell. In fact, he's probably one of the reasons we've been coffee-maker-less these four years. And I'm probably the other one:

I don't do regular coffee much anymore. My body doesn't react too well to caffeine, be it soda, coffee, or otherwise. In my PLNU days, it was Cherry Pepsi and venti Carmel Frappaccinos. Now it's Sprite, Sierra Mist, or 7-Up, thank you very much. But unlike Jason, I still love the taste of coffee. So in an effort to compromise (I like to keep my body happy since, you know, we're attached and all), I drink de-caf.

(I know all you coffee-fanatics are "Pffft!" ing me right now, but that's ok. You Pffft! away and I'll just sit here and drink).

Well now. My mug may be a little emptier, but my day's looking a little brighter. I feel like I can face anything. Just me and my coffee mug.

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Tori said...

Happy Java!!! Sounds like a very special occasion. Congratulations!