May 31, 2008

Saturday Good-Byes and Monday Molars

We went very dutifully to Greg and Amy's Saturday morning on the unpleasant business of helping them move. The morning dawned bright and beautiful, a perfect May-almost-June day; too perfect, really, for us to be saying good-bye to our good friends. The ridiculous price of living in southern California (among other things, like, you know, a prompting from the Lord) is chasing them out-of-state. They are moving to Nevada.

I remember over a year ago, helping them move into this apartment. They were so excited for a two bedroom place; previously, they'd been sharing their tiny bedroom with baby Josiah, who was quite possibly the lightest sleeper in the world. Now they are expecting little Ezekiel in August, and are hoping to find a three bedroom near Vegas (where Amy's family lives).

My contribution to the efforts, other than watching small children and keeping them off stairs and away from moving furnature, was to hold the elevator door open while the menfolk moved boxes from the 2nd story to the truck.

Caleb soon tired of being cooped up in the apartment, so he decided to join the men as they marched back and forth. Doors being left open for the ease of moving heavy objects, there wasn't much I could do to prevent him. But, as Jason assured me, having Caleb part of the action was a good thing. He cheerleaded the guys as they moved stuff out, and hitched rides on the dolly on the way back in. All around a cheerful morning for the Bud, until. . .

Mommy and Miss Amy remembered that Caleb still needed a haircut. His first haircut, to be precise. Amy's been cutting Josiah's hair for months now, and I asked, in the bustle of the move, if she thought she'd have a minute to cut Caleb's.

Well, she did, so we did, and Caleb DID NOT like it. Not one bit. Not sure which was worse, the snip-snip sound of some unseen instrument, or the fact that Mommy was holding him still. But the hair is cut, and the boy is cute! Cuter even, if you can believe that, and so grown-up! So "little boyish." *sniff sniff*

Yes, yes, I can hear you clamoring for pictures now. And I will post some. Soon. Promise. Just as soon as my Mommy brings me back my camera. ;) Ah, that's always my excuse, isn't it? But this time, as indeed with all the others, it's true.

In the meantime, Caleb's four molars are still making their way into his mouth. Teeth sure do take their time, don't they? Sheesh! He's been trying to bust these out for nearly a month. In fact, I have decided to blame them for Caleb's fever and clinginess this morning, and for the fact that he's taking a "spotted" nap this afternoon. Spotted nap meaning he wakes up and goes back to sleep several times, instead of just sleeping straight through. Poor little guy!

More later, friends. Happy Monday!

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