March 18, 2009

The White Kitten Says Farewell

Waiting for three TY kitties I ordered from Ebay to come. Caleb adopted a pure white TY kitten about six months ago; only, it's not, uh, pure white anymore because our son loves to, erm, chew on his favorite stuffies. I've washed it and washed it, but now the tail and ears are permanently stained (please don't ask with what) and the poor thing smells. So a funeral will be held for the white kitten later in the week after it, ahem, meets with a tragic accident.

However, since the white kitten is one of Caleb's favorite little friends, I had to find replacements. And guess what?? I found three new TY kitties on Ebay for the same price that we originally paid for the white one. Ka-ching!

Hopefully Caleb won't care that these new friends aren't white. They are black and white, brown and white, and siamese. And hopefully, they'll be accepted as new favorite stuffies, because I couldn't find a new white kitten.

1 comment:

LeAnna said...

AWww! Hopefully he loves the new ones. My little brother slept with a hammer for forever, and fortunately they were easy to replace. :P