January 3, 2010

The Boy Turns Three

Three years. Where has the time gone?
Seems only a few weeks ago we welcomed you into the world.
But my! how you grew!

And now here you are, a three year old. A big boy. Looking and acting more grown up every day.
I can hardly stand it. :)

You are sweet and cute and adorable and you are told that about a zillion times a day.
(But it's always true)
You are creative. And curious. Sometimes dangerously so. In the last year, you've learned that water comes out of a hose, how to turn said hose on, and that the "peh" tree likes water almost as much as you do.

Quite recently, you've also learned it's not smart to walk on frozen lakes. Even if they make pleasant tinkling noises when pelted with rocks.

You love experimenting with Daddy's tools.
You like to "help" a great deal as well.

Once in a great while, you take a quiet moment to contemplate.
(such moments are generally short-lived)

You are attracted to water more than any fish. We think this is hard-wired into your brain.
(We also make sure there's always an extra set of clothes in the car)

You have more energy than three boys put together and that energy has earned you nicknames such as Monster Boy, The Barbarian, and Woobie. Sometimes you plumb wear us out; sometimes we get frustrated when you go into destructo-mode.

But we love you anyway.

This last year, we have loved hearing your little voice start to sound words out. We love how you say Foof Cake instead of fruit cake and how "ebbow" is your new favorite body part. You are so polite when you ask for something, saying "pease", "dan-koo, and "welcome!" all in the same sentence.

Eventually, though, even Energizer Calebs need rest.

Happy Birthday, Caleb!
Your smile and laughter are the bright spots of our days and your mommy and daddy love you very much!


LeAnna said...

Oh my goodness, this was so precious girlfriend. Kind of makes me sad to think of how quick time goes. *sniff* While it's so exciting, it amazes me how fast it all happens. Gotta cherish those moments. Energizer bunny and all. Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Nicole said...

Thanks LeAnna! Yep, it DOES go by fast. Way fast. Too fast.

But that's what pictures and blogs are for, right?? :) To help us capture and remember these precious days.

Have fun with Q's first birthday coming up!!

Mama Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!
Love you, Grandma & Grandpa

Thanks for the update, Nicole.
It still feels like we are there.
I wish.
Love you, Mom

La Petite Maison said...

Awww, what a sweet ode to your son! Happy birthday, Caleb!