January 13, 2010

The Girl in the Plaid Poncho

I need y'all to help me settle a dispute with my husband. Not over money or what TV show to watch. Over this poncho/shawl/jacket thing:

See why I need help? I don't even know what to call it! It zips up in the front and has a hood, but no sleeves. Well, whatever you call it, I think it's the most beautiful plaid weave wool thing I have ever seen.

Therein lies the dispute. When I spotted this in an antique store window a couple weeks ago, I was instantly smitten. That looks very Scottish, I thought. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I envisoned myself a bonnie wee lass, cavorting around the countryside in the colors of my clan.

Except when I brought it home today and wore it for Jason, we (the shawl and I) did not receive the reception I expected. He smiled, smirked, and tried (unsuccessfully) not to laugh. out. loud. Scottish lass? Not quite. Jason says I look like I've been out camping.

Or maybe like a mountain woman living in a log cabin. (Not a bad comparison, since one of my lifelong dreams is to live in a log cabin someday).

However, since Mountain Woman and Camper Chick ARE NOT the look I was going for, we now have ourselves a friendy disagreement. :) If you look to your right (and perhaps scroll down a bit) you will find a poll asking you for your opinion on the subject.

Oh, and I should add that the picture above was taken by my brother-in-law, who says I look most like a Christmas Elf in my new shawl/jacket/poncho (thanks, Mike!). So I put his two cents into this poll as well.

Now if you would be so kind, vote! And vote honestly! We spar in good fun here, and I don't really care if y'all think I look like a rubber ducky in an Easter dress; I love my new plaid shawl, my new plaid shawl loves me, and even the harshest criticism will not part us.


LeAnna said...

I think it's cute, though it doesn't remind me of any of the above. It just looks like a nice plaid shawl. Man, this is tough! ;) You sure pull it off, girl, I think you need a pair of bright red rain boots to with it.

ladyfelicity said...

I think you pull it off, too!