January 25, 2010

The Forest Smells Like Fruit Snacks

"Oh the wind is lashing lusterly
And the trees are thrashing thrusterly
And the leaves are rustling gusterly
So it's rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be
It feels that it will undoubteadly
Looks like a rather blustery day today"
-- from Winnie the Pooh's A Rather Blustery Day
As the song might suggest, we've had some wind around here lately. Wind to rival even Winnie the Pooh's. By this morning, Caleb and I were pretty done with it. So we flew south this afternoon in an effort to escape it.
South Whidbey State Park is one of our favorite spots on the Island when we're in the mood for a drive. It's also provided a haven for me when I want to get away from the weather. The trees must pack themselves extra densely around that part of the Island, because no matter how hard the wind blows, we can hike in perfect calm. We may still hear the wind and see it swaying the tops of the trees, but on the trail far below, there is peaceful stillness.
I love it. :)
So does Caleb.

We hiked the Discovery Trail. It was pretty muddy, due to the recent rains, but that didn't stop Caleb; he ran his little legs off, falling every so often from the sheer force of his propulsion. A small stream winds through these woods, crisscrossing the Discovery Trail twice. Caleb loves that stream, and the two bridges we get to walk over along the way.
So there we were today, playing with the water, enjoying the sunshine and non-windy-ness. I stopped to breath in the pine needles, the wet leaves, the moss and mud. Instead I sniffed . . . fruit snacks?
I turned around and there behind me stood Caleb, grimy hand outstretched with a gummy happy face stuck between his teeth.
"Mor? Mor snack?"
That was my Mommy Moment today. :)
This has been Mommy Moments with Nicole. Tune in next time to hear Nicole say:
"No Caleb! Don't lick the lichen!"
In other news . . .

I found a really amazing website this morning. Allyl over at La Petite Maison is really to blame; she sent me a Multiple Choice Correspondence a while back and today I finally surfed the web address of the company on the back of the card. It's called Knock Knock and they specialize in stationery -- very creative, humorous, and laugh out loud funny stationery. Here are a few examples:

To Don't Notepad. The description on the website reads:

"Our busy lives are filled with optimistic compendiums of things to do, but in reality, these ambitious lists fall prey to avoidance, delay, shirking, and sabotage. Be honest with yourself from the get-go, and you’ll never be disappointed!"

We Need to Talk Sticky Notes
"With our ultra-witty yet oh-so-useful Cubicle Notes, office communication has finally caught up with the sticky revolution. Express yourself the fill-in-the-blank way, then make it stick."

Paper E-Mail Notepad

"Paper E-mail is not only cordless and wireless, it revives a revolutionary form of communication: handwriting. Soon even bloggers will be wielding a pen!"

No chance of a mistaken “reply all”!

Aren't they hilarious???

Thanks, Allyl!! I never would have found them without you! :) There are many, many more notepads, books, journals, and sticky notes to be chuckled over, so I encourage you to check them out.

(Be warned, though: the website also contains some more, um, adult humor items. Nothing explicit or R-rated, but definitely PG-13. Just so's ya know . . . )

The nerd in me especially loved the Paper E-Mail. :) I may have ordered an item or two. Or three or four. I'll never tell. But I will say I am Knock Knock's newest fan. :)

Hope you all had a great Monday!


La Petite Maison said...

I accept full responsibility for any paper obsessions that may occur as a result of my actions. :) I was about to point out that some of Knock Knock's stationery are not suitable for children, but I see that you've warned your readers. Otherwise, one can't help but laugh out loud at the clever products.

LeAnna said...

How awesome that you have a place to escape the Blustery's! And you just need to know that this is the best blog title I've ever read. Amen. :) Love hearing your Mommy moments!
And that stationary cracked.me.up! I've gotta check them out!

Mama Sue said...

Wonderful blog, me-me! I can picture the hike. Whimsical! Thanks for the stationary. Very funny and cute! I will definitely place an order soon.
Hugs to all. Miss yous like crazy.
Love, Mom