April 13, 2010

'A Monster-Slaying We Will Go

I've been busy slaying a monster today. One that hides under my bed, in my closet, and occasionally in the bathroom. This particular household variety is common to many homes. It reproduces at an alarming rate, so no family is monster-free for long.

Have you guessed yet?

I'm battling the Laundry Monster.

(Which might be easier if Caleb wasn't so intent on feeding it all the time. Sheesh.)

Laundry Monsters comes in all shapes and sizes. Some stay small. Some grow into mountains. Some eat socks. Others, like the one that lives with my friend Natalie, seem to magically add clothes to your pile, so that you're left wondering "Where did all the clothes come from?"

No matter which type you have living with you, Laundry Monsters are a sneaky bunch. If you're not careful, they'll devour your bedroom, closet, hallway, or garage. Not even Dish Monsters are so demanding.

Today I've devoted my finely honed skills as a SAHM to cutting down our Monster before it spawns any new babies and takes over the house. But I haven't been waging war alone.

Today, like many days, my Man is off slaying bank-residing, computer-eating monsters. Some days he comes home with a victorious smile on his face, other days he returns tired and battle-weary.

Caleb battles toddler-sized monsters all his own as he learns to speak and play nicely with other children.

A good friend of mine wrestles with a hybrid monster of the Lonely/Homesick sort.

And in another Realm, one unseen but not unknown, another Battle rages for the souls of men, as it has for thousands of years. I have no idea what the monsters in that war look like, but I have no doubt they exist.

I guess all of us are warriors at some level, eh?

Does that make us women warrior princesses? Do I get to wear a long dress and wield daggers?

Well, whether the monsters look like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

. . . we all battle monsters every day. How thankful I am that I don't battle alone. ;)
What monsters have you been fighting this week?

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Mama Sue said...

Love the laundrymonster man. Very cute, Me-me. Love, Mom