April 18, 2010

Sunday Evening in the Woods

We smell of campfire smoke.

It's a pleasant smell; one of my favorites.

We are pleasantly tired. Caleb is crashed out in his room.

We spent the evening at Jason's parents' campsite at Deception Pass tonight. BBQ, s'mores, the whole shee-bang. Laughter, family, good times.

Caleb explored the neighboring campsites (which were empty), and found one with a huge rock on which to climb. From the top he looked down at me and said quite proudly "King Rock!"

Back at camp, Buck and Willie (the dogs) played tug-of-war with Caleb and their leashes. Jason, Michael, and I took turns as pyro-technics. The fire was warm and cozy, but the night itself wasn't too cold. In fact, it wasn't cold at all.

Dare I say it? Spring has come at last. I have survived my first winter in the Pacific Northwest.

The stars came out later and we showed the half-moon to Caleb. He's talking up a storm these days. As we headed for the car to go home, he began a series of good-byes: "Bye-bye Rock! Bye-bye tees (er, trees)! Bye-bye doggies! Bye-bye fire!"

So precious, that little man. :) A heart-melter.

On the whole, a perfect Sunday evening.

What did y'all do this weekend? Did you have beautiful weather wherever you call home?


Mama Sue said...

Wonderful Sunday. Thank you very much. Stayed home and cleaned, read and completely enjoyed being quiet and alone, which is rare. Beautiful 73 degree weather. Rain is coming Tuesday, though. But that just means more flowers!!
Love, Mom

LeAnna said...

That sounds loverly! S'mores? I could go for some. It rained here all weekend, but it was nice to stay home for a change. :) Wish I could go camping with you!

__________.::Mrs. Anik::.__________ said...
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Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

What a perfect weekend! We've been hanging out, dealing with some issues, getting the house cleaned up. Nothing spectacular. Your days sound heavenly. Love you much!