April 7, 2010

Snapshots of the Week, pt. 1

Boy Goes Swimming

Jason and I got our fishing permits on Saturday.
We're becoming more and more Washin'tonian all the time.
So is Caleb.
We drove to Cranberry Lake that afternoon so Jason could throw a few lines with John and Mike. (I'd planned to throw a few myself, but unluckily I managed to leave my new permit at home by mistake). So I watched Caleb instead.
And what did he do two minutes after we arrived?
Decided the gray, breezy weather suited him just fine for a swim.
Dinosaur galoshes, jacket, and all.

Don't drink the lake water, Caleb! Please!!

Goin' to see what Uncle and Grandpa are doin'
with those funny sticks.

Draggin' a branch around

"But Mooooom! I don't wanna get out!"

Thankfully this mommy came prepared with an extra set of clothes and the water wasn't terribly cold to begin with.
We just had to shake our heads and laugh.
That's our Tom Sawyer of a boy!
(stay tuned later in the week for Snapshots, pt. 2, in which we discover Hobbiton in our own backyard :)


LeAnna said...

You can take a boy out of California, but you can't take California out of a boy! :) Too cute!

Linds said...

Ahh, so that's what he was doing when we were talking!!! My silly nephew!! Can't wait to come out and join him in the lake!!