July 22, 2010

Spending a While on the Nile . . .

Guess what I've been doing this week?

I'll give you a hint:

Where else could I get away with makeup like this?
Ancient Egypt, of course!
(Do I look Egyptian?)
((Did Egyptians smile in pictures?))
. . .
Whadda mean, Egyptians didn't take pictures???
Well, I'll tell you something else ancient Egyptians didn't do:
Wear glasses.

Yeah. Totally ruins that whole "B.C." feel.

'Course, I doubt ancient Egyptians wore queen-sized sheets, either.
Oh well.

At least I'm having fun, right?
(Is it ok to smile now??)

Our church's theme for VBS this year is "Spend a while on the Nile."
And as a family leader, of course I had to come in costume!
Wanna see the whole get-up?
Yep, I'm wearing a sheet!
Actually, the now-altered and no longer useable purple sheet came in handy because
our family color for the week was purple.

So rather than look for a purple sash, my kids just had to look for big, purple ME.
My family group's name is Memphis.
A whole lot easier to pronounce than Par-Basset or Asyut.

We got lucky. :)

Every night this week, the kids have had a chance to explore an Egyptian market place (in what generally passes for our sanctuary). They get three coins every day, and they can visit whichever shop catches their eye:
They can make headbands or have their eyes painted at the Barber & Salon:

They can also practice writing with hieroglyphics:

There's a food vender, an animal courtyard (yes, with real animals), an embalmer's workshop, a linen shop, a toy shop, a jeweler, and a brick maker's yard.

When we're done in the market place, we visit Joseph.

We're focusing on Joseph's story with the kids this week, how he went from the prison to the palace and how God turned ugly events in his life into great blessings. Every day the kids learn a new lesson from Joseph that corresponds to our daily bible verse.
And what better way to learn Joseph's story than to hear it from the man himself?

Monday we visited Joseph in prison, where he told us his life story. How his brothers betrayed and sold him into slavery. How Potifer's wife told lies and had him thrown into prison.
The lesson?
That God gives us hope.

Tuesday, we found Joseph in Pharoh's palace, where he's been asked to serve as an advisor. His fortunes had been reversed overnight, all because he could interpret dreams.
The lesson?
God gives us unique abilities.

Having a real live person to interact with has really made this bible story come to life, for the kids AND for the leaders. :)
(Just as a side note: I don't know who our church recruited to play Joseph, but this kid is good. He always has the kids laughing, and the way he tells his story makes you believe he's the real guy . He's been one of the kids' favorites all week)
The pyramid stage, where we do songs at the beginning and end of each night.

The craft table, where the kids keep their projects from the market place.
VBS has been a blast this week!
I was hesitant when I signed up, but the kids changed my mind.

Getting to wear a sheet toga and silly makeup also may have helped. ;)
Mostly, I've enjoyed watching God work, and not just in the hearts and minds of my kids.

He's been working in mine, too. :)

What have y'all been up to this week?


LeAnna said...

I have such great memories of VBS as a kid, as well as helping out later. You looked absolutely adorable in your purple get-up! :)

ladyfelicity said...

I've been such a bad bloggy friend recently - I've harding done any reading and commenting. BUT ... there is a nice fat letter waiting to be posted to you, my friend. Expect it soon ... :)

ladyfelicity said...

P.S. I love this post, by the way - it made me laugh! :)

Nicole said...

Awww, thanks LeAnna! Yeah, VBS was awesome. I'm totally excited to do it again next year. :) Have you been able to fix your phone yet?

No worries, Miss Elisabeth! I haven't been the greatest bloggie friend lately, either. I am so so so excited for your letter!!! :) Yahoo!

ladyfelicity said...

I'm going to drop it in the postbox in about seven minutes, after I check my bread! :) I hope you'll like it ...