January 10, 2011

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone! First off, I'd like to wish you all . . .

(yeah, what the hat said)
I hope you guys had a warm and wonderful New Years! Our holiday was quiet and cozy, just the three of us at home. We debated whether or not to have friends over, but decided in the end to keep it just us.

(truth be told, I didn't even make it to midnight... how lame is that?!?! I must be getting old...)

The day after New Years, we went to Cranberry Lake. We had a cold spell with temps below freezing for several days and it was just enough to freeze the top few inches of the lake. The ice was a lot of fun to poke and prod and crack and throw. :)

The ice made the most interesting noises when it was cracked...

Or when it was flung... you could hear a rock or piece of ice creak all the way across the lake. Weird!

Caleb discovered some canoes with frozen water inside them. He made it his own personal skating rink.

Me, all bundled up!

Kneeling, precariously, on a deep patch of ice. Who says I can't walk on water?!?! ;)

After New Years, the weather warmed up into the 40s. But now it's cooled off again, and would you believe it? We woke up to SNOW yesterday morning!!! It was too warm to stick, but was coming down too quickly to melt completely (temps were hovering just above freezing all day).
After church, we made a pit stop at Joseph Whidbey S.P. so I could get some pictures. :)

Snow on the driftwood... love it. :)

Snow in the trees... Jason loved that.

Some of the snow actually lasted through the night, which means we were out playing in it first thing this morning. Caleb tried going out in his pajamas, but Mommy put a quick stop to that!
We had some sunshine this morning, but the clouds have closed back in and we have more snow in the forcast for tonight, tomorrow, and probably Thursday, too. Crazy, huh? Considering we had ZERO snow last winter . . .
That's the Pacific Northwest, I guess! :) I've stocked up on indoor activities and craft stuff to do with Caleb in case we have a snow day later in the week. Or, you know, tomorrow.
I'm dreaming of a white January . . .


Mama Sue said...

Love that hat on Caleb! Cute, cute, cute!

ladyfelicity said...

The walking on water picture had me smiling! :)

Guess what ... ?!? Last week I posted a nice, fat envelope to a friend in your corner of the world! :)

Have a lovely day!