January 13, 2011

Of Brownies and Bright Ideas

3:58 pm. Sitting in the den, watching Ant & Aardvark cartoons with Caleb.

Gray day outside, but deliciously warm.

(I never thought I'd call temperatures in the 40s "deliciously warm", but after a week of 20s and 30s, 45 degrees feels like spring!). I love the soft, wet smell outside. And the fact that my nose doesn't immediately freeze upon leaving the house.

My friend Tabitha is coming over this evening for mint brownies and a chic flick. I have Letters From Juliet from Netflix and neither of us have seen it. She and Caleb get along famously and I'm looking forward to a night of laughs, fellowship, and of course, those brownies.

She's also bringing over her sewing machine, which she generously offered to lend me. It's for my latest craft idea: a crocheted rag rug for Caleb's room. :) I started last night, cutting his old flannel receiving blankets into strips. I'm so excited to make this rug! I haven't done something "crafty" in a long time, and this rug idea has completely taken me over. (Like most of my bright ideas do... and I say "bright" in the most sarcastic voice possible...) Heh. We'll see how this one goes. Rugs are expensive to buy, and I love the idea of recycling old cloth into something useful.

The sun just broke out of the clouds, illuminating the Madrona tree in our backyard with a kind of rosey-golden light. Mmmmm, beautiful.

And with that happy image, I should probably get started on the brownies. Oh, and dinner. Yeah, I'm sure Jason would appreciate dinner when he gets home. Instead of just brownies. I wonder what he'd say if I tried to feed him brownies for dinner?

(He'd probably shake his head, laugh, and then go heat up a hot dog)

Well, I won't do that to him. Not tonight, anyway. :)

Happy Thursday evening, all!

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