June 17, 2012

As promised . . .

They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .
. . . so I figure this one is worth at least that. :)
Yes, we are adopting. A little boy. A little brother.
God has been gently pushing our hearts in this direction for some time. He's confirmed the decision in multiple ways. So we are trusting Him and taking a big step into a wide unknown.
This is a season for remaking. Rebirth. I feel as though my world is slowly coming apart and being reshaped into something . . . else. Something new. My feet walk down trails they never thought they'd tread. They carry me into unfamiliar landscapes where dreams die and new ones are born.
Please keep us in your prayers, friends. We are still in the midst of paperwork and foster parent training classes.  We don't know yet who our little boy will be. But he's out there. And God has marked him for us.

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