June 14, 2012

Beachy Morning

West Beach. Where we adventured this morning. Wrapped in windbreakers. Armed with Starbucks.

Who would believe other parts of the country are having heat waves right now? Not us. Gray skies and 50's. Nearly every day this week. But you have to get out of the house at some point, ya know?

Not that my son minds the decidely un-summer-like weather. Not one tiny bit. I think his latin classification is "Calebus Aquaticus." Before long, his shoes are off and he's playing catch me if you can with the waves. Hopping from rock to rock. Climbing on the driftwood. Being a boy.

I think to myself: "We'll only stay for a little while." But twenty minutes turns into thirty and Caleb continues to beg for "just five more minutes!"

No one else is on the beach. My Starbucks keeps me warm for a while, but is does eventually cool. Good thing white chocolate mochas are tasty hot or cold.

The waves are rough so I make sure Caleb doesn't get too close. We stay for nearly an hour before I issue a forced march to leave. His feet are wet and cold and bright red by now. He doesn't seem to care, but given his hypo-sensitivity, it's up to me to make sure he doesn't get too chilled.

"In the car, Bonzo," I tell him. The mandatory piece of driftwood comes, too. We're lucky if we leave the beach with only one these days. The things kids collect... oh well, this particular piece will do nicely for a craft project I want to do.

I'm lovin' moments like this with my boy. He's growing up so fast and things in our household are changing so rapidly... I want to hold on and make time stand still, but at the same time, I don't. I wouldn't change a thing, but neither do I want to miss a thing!

Remember that big announcement I told y'all about? It'll be soon. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Love and peace, peeps!

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Anonymous said...

We will have many "beachy" days together soon! And the sun WILL come out!!!
Love, Mom