June 19, 2012

Social My Foot

Disclaimer: I'm running on about five hours of sleep and a really long day in the car. So please forgive me if this post rambles, repeats itself, or just plain fails to make sense. Ye have been warned!

Why do so many people automatically assume that home-schoolers are not socialized? Geez people, it's not like we lock our kids in the house and forbid contact with the outside world. Well, not often anyway. Just when I'm in the shower. :) One too many neighbors has come a knockin' with Little Man in tow while I'm washing my hair.

Seriously, though. Caleb hasn't even started kintergarden and we are already hearing about "socialization." We endured yet another round of questions from a medical professional today concerned that Caleb would miss out on vital peer interaction if he didn't attend public school.

Not that such concerns aren't valid. For someone with Caleb's developmental issues, they are certainly important. But hellloooo! Homeschooling doesn't equal exile to Antarctica. Belive it or not, there are actually other creatures to hang out with besides the penguins.

I shouldn't be so hard of the poor medical professional. After all, she only spent 45 minutes with us. She didn't see the two little boys Caleb befriended today, one at McDonald's this morning and another at the park this afternoon. Both "social interactions" amounted to several hours of merry play and boyish games.

Is Caleb socially where most other five year olds are? No. But neither is he unresponsive. He loves to play with other kids. And he is learning, bit by bit, to do so appropriately.

Will I address the issue of socialization when we start to homeschool? Of course. Classes at Home Connection, regular play dates, church. Not to mention the eventual adoption of our second son. Socialized my child will be. Probably more than he wants. ;)

So yeah. Just a bit of a rant. I forget most people don't know I was homeschooled all my life and am therefore not coming to this as a greenhorn.

I seriously need some sleep. Caleb's developed this unfortunate habit of waking up before 6am every morning. Today? 4:45. A.M., people! Follow that up with a long (but fun) day in Seattle and you have one tired Mama. *Yaaaaawwwwn*

Night y'all!

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Mama Sue said...

Right on! You go, girl. I am behind you 200%. You know it!
Love, your mama