March 30, 2008

Isn't it funny how things change?

I remember as a young girl, learning the "proper" way to write a letter. You always start off with Dear So-and-So, followed by the all-important question "How are you?" Then some variation of "I'm fine": I'm doing well, I'm great, I've been deathly ill in the hospital but I'm doing ok now.

Hmmmm, wait. Make that o.k. Grammatically speaking, I believe ok is supposed to be accompanied by two periods. As if the O and the K were their own sentences to be punctuated and separated. O.k. But who does that anymore?

In this age of email and paperless communication, who even begins letters with "Dear So-and-So"? Not me. I will usually say "Hey!", "Hello", or else skip salutations entirely and get right to the point: "Thanks for the book, I've really enjoyed reading it. Can you bring a salad to the potluck next week?"

My 2nd grade English text book probably shudders and quakes at such errors of propriety, but hey! this is the 21st century, right?

My, how times change. Of course, English isn't the only thing being rennovated. Not in this home, anyway.

Time was when my measuring spoons and cups sat quietly in their drawer in the kitchen instead of making trips to Costco to serve as distractions for a Certain Someone while Mommy shopped.

Time was when Veggie Tales were fun and interesting to watch; now I dread the sound of "Ok, Larry, it's time for the theme song. . ."

Time was when I had an alarm clock I could actually turn off and ignore.

But then, time was when my heart wasn't so full of love. :)

My how things change! And sometimes for the best, eh? I think so, too. I never really enjoyed those stuffy formulas for letter-writing, either. ;)

Happy Sunday, ya'll!

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