May 6, 2008

Time Off

Well, I logged in this morning to share Sea World pictures with you, but then remembered my mom has my camera at the moment.

So I guess you guys will just have to deal with the black and white alphabet a little bit longer. ;)

Time flies, doesn't it? Especially when your time is packed with activities. I haven't been online much these last two weeks. On purpose. And yes, that includes WoW. Shocking, I know. I've been spending my time doing non-computery related things, like taking Caleb to the park, planning Natalie's babyshower, catching up on sleep (ha!), and getting small projects done around the house that I simply keep putting off.

Imagine what a revelation it has been for me to discover there is life away from the computer!

And a good life it is, too. :)

Yesterday, after shopping for said babyshower, I took Caleb to Lake Murray. I figured, since he was so patient with me while I oooed and awwwed over baby stuff, I'd let him run off some steam. And he did. Run, that is. Right into the lake. :)

In his defense, I believe he was chasing the Du-Du (or ducks, if you will) who were roosting on the beach. But then, he saw the water. And the Du-Du in the water. And he must've figured, Wow! how cool is that? I can get wet and chase water fowl. So he did. :) We were both dripping a little before I was able to convince him that wading in the lake was a bad idea.

But hey! it made for a great adventure story to tell Daddy when he got home from work.

I've really wanted to blog a lot more these last few weeks. I've certainly had plenty of posts trippping around my little brain. I think I shall write some of them down (the ideas and titles, anyway) and try to capture a few of them for Inklings. But don't hold your breaths for any eye-popping, heart-rending, belly-laughing-funny-haha posts this week. Caleb and I are leaving for Yucca Valley Thursday, so between now and then I'll be a very busy girl getting us ready for our trip.

I just wanted to let ya'll know I haven't forgotten about ya, or about posting, or any such nonesense.

Happy (rainy) Tuesday, friends!

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