August 9, 2008

Our Vacation in Pictures pt. 1

Well. We're home.

It's hard to come home to real life after a great family vacation. Especially when you come home to a car that must immediately go into the shop for brakes, you realize your driver's license is three weeks expired, and you must battle with your rental agency for fining you late fees even though your rent wasn't late. Ha.
But those are stories for another day, friends. =)

Here are the rest of those pictures I promised you. And hence, the rest of our vacation story. Enjoy!

Picking strawberries with Grandpa

"Only eat the red ones, ok?"

Anyone care to guess what my son learned to do by the end of the week? Just look at his chin if you need a hint. Every time we let him into the front yard, he ran right for the berries.

Here's the Queen Anne's Lace I mentioned earlier. You know, they actually think of this as a weed in Washington!!!

Cuddle time with Uncle Mike

Going out to check the crab pots

Out on the Puget Sound
(that would be the ocean for those of you who are geographically-challenged)

Michael pulls up 100 ft. of rope to see if the pots have anything in them

Well, whaddaknow?? Crab!!!

We're going to eat you, Mr. Crab. Oh yes oh yes we are! =)

For the rest, stay tuned for Pt. 2 (in which we really do eat the crab!!). Sorry to have to break it up like this but Blogger is being a bit of pain right now with pictures. The rest are on the way!

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