August 9, 2008

Our Vacation in Pictures pt. 2

Ok, if you missed Pt. 1, scroll down to see the first set of Washington pictures. When you're done there, scroll up here (confused yet??) for all the rest.
Mmmm, let the Neuhauser's Crab Feast begin!

Caleb didn't care for crab, but that didn't stop him from being a part. We newspapered the dining table and then got crackin'

Grandma and Grandpa

Deception Pass National Park, Whidbey Island

Caleb decided getting wet was ok. And just in case he tried to jump in, Willy was there to keep an eye on him.

And wet he got. Shoes, jeans and all. =)

Exploring the woods with Grandpa and Willy

I love this picture of Caleb. He is not good friends with my camera, so getting a facial shot of my son is nothing short of a miracle. But as you can see, miracles do happen. Sometimes with the help of sneaky mommies! =)
And now I'm afriad, I am going to split up our vacation pictures yet again. I didn't realize how many I wanted to share with ya'll, and it's getting late here. Hang in there with me. I promise just one more post, in which we city folk learn to swim in a lake and Michael teaches Caleb to read. Stay tuned for Washington pt. 3!!

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Natalie Jackson said...

You look great. It is amazing how Caleb is constantly changing in looks.